Today’s Headlines

  • It Could Take Weeks to Get the Subways Fully Running Again (Bloomberg, NYT, WSJ)
  • Climate Change Doesn’t Mix With Booming Development in the NYC Floodplain (CapNY)
  • Cuomo, Assessing NYC’s Vulnerability, Almost Says the Words “Climate Change” (NYT, TransNat)
  • We’ll Need the Transit System to Bounce Back to Help Prevent More Sandies (MTR)
  • Video: Flooding at South Ferry/Whitehall Station (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Nicole Gelinas: NYC Sans Subways = Economic Disaster (Post)
  • Hey Everybody, Free Buses Today (DNA)
  • Cap’n Transit Has a Few Emergency Transportation Tips
  • With Region’s Railways Down, Car Commuters Feeling Extra Miserable This Morning (AP)
  • PPW Bike Lane Spares Car Owners From Sandy’s Wrath (@BrooklynSpoke)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “Lines under the river are low points in the system, leading water to collect there.”
    If only the under river tunnels flooded, that’s actually good news.  The infrastructure there is relatively simple — just a straight line.  If need be, they could just run one train at a time through the tunnel, using phone communication and people on the platform to direct the trains.  Much less capacity, but something.

    If you look at the track maps, if places where there are major interlockings are under water, it is catastrophe — months.  Chambers Street is critical.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Important data point — number of deaths and injuries in collisions in the portion of Manhattan where there are no traffic signals.  I rode through there yesterday, and people were having to negotiate the intersections by being courteous, in come cases helped along by traffic cops.

    What if there are fewer deaths and injuries than average, because there are fewer vehicles moving slowly and being careful?

    Regardless of the outcome, this is a story that will need to be told.

  • Ex-driver

    Well, congestion is predictably horrible this morning.  What’s going on over at DOT?  Did it occur to no one to set aside bus lanes on surface routes?

  • Bolwerk

    I’m glad to see some so-called Libertarians are now able to see what an economic disaster looks like.  Those of us with IQs over 105 figured that out decades ago. Sheesh. As for the conservative Cuomo, do you suppose there is any cognitive dissonance for him? It must be hard to reconcile a recognition that climate change is real with a love for the type of completely unnecessary muscle car he hordes as a hobby.

    Here’s what nobody is talking about even in the urbanist/pro-transit continuum: our surface transit system sucks. The typical bus should act more like a SelectBus, and busier bus routes should be LRT several cars long. This isn’t even a question of “if” it’s necessary, it’s a question of how and where.

  • Guest

    Perhaps with all the extra congestion due to transit services being down, all the people who complain about tolls going to transit will recognize how they are, in fact, paying for a service that benefits them.

    Yeah, like they’ll ever stop lying to themselves…

  • Anonymous

    Re: PPW Bike Lane Spares Car Owners From Sandy’s Wrath

    I saw two trees downed on the 1st Ave bike lane in Manhattan. I didn’t think of looking at it from that perspective, but it is possible that cars were also “saved by the bike lane” there.


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