Bloomberg Announces Carpool Rule for Manhattan-Bound Drivers

After a morning and afternoon when car traffic completely clogged NYC streets and river crossings, Mayor Bloomberg announced new restrictions for drivers entering Manhattan via bridges and tunnels on Thursday and Friday. On most crossings, only cars with three or more people will be allowed to enter Manhattan.

A curb-to-curb traffic jam on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn this afternoon. Photo: ##

“Anybody that tried to drive around New York City today realized there are a lot of cars on the road,” Bloomberg said at a press conference. “The streets can only handle so much.”

From 6 a.m. to midnight tomorrow and Friday, only motor vehicles with three or more occupants are allowed to cross the Lincoln Tunnel, Henry Hudson Parkway, Triboro RFK Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge. The Holland Tunnel, Hugh Carey (Brooklyn Battery) Tunnel and Queens Midtown Tunnel remain closed. Harlem River bridges managed by DOT and the George Washington Bridge were not named by the mayor for HOV-3 restrictions.

Mayor Bloomberg said that Governor Cuomo had agreed to HOV-3 restrictions on MTA bridges connecting to Manhattan.

The restriction will apply to taxis, except for the hours between 4 p.m. and midnight to facilitate shift changes. Exemptions also apply to paratransit, commercial and emergency vehicles.

Bloomberg also said that there will be “bus lanes on key corridors.” The HOV restrictions themselves should also help bus riders get where they need to go, as fewer cars jam the streets.

Earlier this afternoon, Cuomo and the MTA announced a partial restoration of subways and temporary bus service between Manhattan and Brooklyn, effective tomorrow morning.

  • Helo

    RK Queens to Bronks is ok

  • Guest

    Thanks a lot! 

  • Y_choe

    The taxi supervisors will have you share rides into NYC; but highly doubt you will share cost. They will likely have everyone pay full fare 🙁

  • Pinacoladapublishing

    I’m confused. I need to go back & forth from Astoria Queens to Mott Haven in the South Bronx to pick up my son early Friday evening. Am I not allowed to do this via the RFK Triboro bridge because it also happens to connect to Manhattan?



  • Frank Franco

    I’m trying to get cargo messengered in from PA to a critical site in Manhattan….PA messengers do not have “commercial” tags …they are marked “truck”  they ar enot sure if they will be turned away…anybody know the ruling on this…..

  • Dauhajre

    I need to come from saw mill drive sourh to Henry hudson parkway south to George Washington bridge to get to New Jersey with only one person in car. Will I be stopped or ok to pass since I am not going into manhattan.

  • Post your carpool story to !

  • John Trabulsi

    Does anyone know if this restriction is still in effect?

  • momgirl

    is three passenger rule still in effect?

  • Mhales

    are these restrictions sill in effect?