Today’s Headlines

  • Bloomberg at NACTO: Pedestrians, Cyclists, Transit as Important as Drivers (CapNY, Post)
  • Expect BusTime to Roll Out in the Bronx This Week (SAS)
  • Increased Tax Collections Will Not Be Enough to Prevent MTA Fare Hike (Observer)
  • De Blasio Takes in the City Through His Windshield (NYT)
  • Hell’s Kitchen Neighbors Want to Reclaim Sidewalk From Illegal Restaurant Enclosures (Post)
  • Turning MTA Express Bus Driver Crushes 84-Year-Old’s Foot on UES (News)
  • Somehow, a Wrong-Way Car Crash by Alleged Robbers Fleeing Police Is Still an “Accident” (NY1)
  • NYT: Barclays Brings More Yellow Cabs to Brooklyn; AYR: What About the Black Car Idling?
  • Many Islanders Fans Will Probably Shift to Transit to Get to Barclays Center (NYT)
  • Is This the Laziest Hit Job Against Bike “Lanes” From the Post Yet? (Post)
  • Breaking: Joggers Run in Bike Lanes; It’s Annoying to Cyclists and Dangerous for All (Bklyn Paper)

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  • Jesse Greene

    There’s no link to the nytimes de blasio article.

  • fj

    Let’s hope Bloomberg’s NACTO statement affirming the rights of people to their streets instead of cars continues to set the critical path how we move forward in this city.

    Completely safe streets will greatly improve transportation and our quality of life.

  • Anonymous

    De Blasio thinks politically connected quasi-private organizations should get to declare parking garages part of their charitable work and reap hundreds of thousands of dollars from that.  

    “No event appears to be too small. Such was the case when he attended a recent lunch meeting of the Greater Jamaica Development Corporation with six people, including two longtime Queens political insiders.Mr. de Blasio zeroed in on the tax status of the development corporation, a nonprofit organization whose finances have been questioned. The corporation’s annual tax bill jumped from $600,000 to $1.5 million after the Bloomberg administration revoked the tax-exempt status of parking garages it operates.“Obviously we want to help,” Mr. de Blasio said.”

    More info here: you think parking lots are charities? 

  • So now the Post is moving beyond hyperbole to outright lies about bike lanes. There is no protected bike lane on 5th Avenue.

    Lying is a form of desperation when someone knows he’s losing. Ask Mitt Romney.

  • Ben Kintisch

    That’s right, Doug G. Here’s what I posted on the Post website:
    Ms. Fermino didn’t think to ask cyclists, who support bike lanes on this street and most others. Whether a street is narrow or broad, cyclists deserve safe passage because they are people. And Mr. Forero, despite your unfortunate vitriol, I don’t wish death and injury upon you or any other motorists. I want all people to have safety on our city’s crowded streets, whether they are walking, biking, riding a bus, or driving a private car. The streets are for all and need to be safe for all.

  • Jjmacjohnson

    Instead of headlining bus running over a foot you should highlight the pedestrian crossing against the light. That is the lesson. Follow the rules.


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