Alexander Martinez, 37, Killed by Queens Hit-and-Run Driver [Updated]

The intersection of Queens Boulevard and Hoover Avenue. Image: Bing Maps

At 6:05 this morning, a 37 year-old man riding his bike on Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens was struck by a driver at the intersection of Hoover Avenue. The man was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead. The driver fled the scene and NYPD’s Accident Investigation Squad is investigating the hit-and-run.

Gothamist is reporting that FNDY described the vehicle as a truck, but no further details are available.

Hoover Avenue is identified on NYC DOT’s bike map as a bike route and part of the Brooklyn-Queens Greenway.

Update: The New York Post has identified the victim as Alexander Martinez, 37, of Queens.

  • no tabloid reader

    That intersection light has a turning phase at the end of the green phase for Queens Blvd.  <its tempting to run the red for hoover-83rd when you see QB traffic stopped.

  • Goodbadgirl97

    It was Alex Martinez birthday the day he got killed. What devastation!

  • Postwomangonemad

    He will be missed by his wife kids, family and friends. He was like a brother to me. RIP Alex.


    I miss my father so much this wasn’t supposed to happen.. The lack of control and responsibilities people have with vehicles now a days is just ridiculous. People have to be more careful. What if it was your father? Brother? Husband? FAMILY!!!! What would you do. Whose going to walk me down the aisle ??? Whose going to give me away? Whose going to scoled me about bettering myself? He was everything to this family. Everything. I May not have been his biological daughter, but I was his first experience of being of a parent and my daddy when I didn’t have one.


    Rest in peace papa Alex we love you and I just want to thank you for giving me my little brother and sister lil Alex and Ariela . Mommy and I and grandma and grandpa and uncle everybody misses you.. It’s still unbelievable .. We think your going to come home any minute .. Btw that margarita pizza you made was delicious <3 we love you papi

  • nycrob555

    my condolences to his Family and friends , i drove thru the accident scene around 7:15am in a huge traffic , and saw his bicycle smash , right away i said to my self i hope that person is ok , Sad that someone runs away to save them self from the law , when there is religions laws you can not escape from. Rest in Peace Alex.

  • Queens Boulevard is one of the craziest thoroughfares in NYC, even being referred to as the Boulevard of Death. Absolutely horrendous that the truck driver just fled the scene. My condolences go out to this man’s family.