Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Warns of Devastating Service Cuts If Payroll Mobility Tax Dies (Post, CapNY)
  • Bloomberg Sarcastically Suggests Congestion Pricing as Alternative (CapNY)
  • Lhota to County Execs: Suburban Commuters Get Biggest Subsidy of All (TransNat)
  • Court’s Decision Is Boost for Suburban GOP Legislators (CapTon)
  • Victim of Financial District Security Overkill ID’d as Sorel Depas-Medina (News, Post)
  • Daily News Bike Demonization Continues; Central Park Mulls Separation from Pedestrians
  • Moped Rider Allegedly Struck By NYPD in Clinton Hill; Hospitalized With Head Trauma (Gothamist)
  • 34th Street Crosstown Bus Trips 10 Percent Faster? DNAinfo Is Not Impressed
  • SBS on Hylan Boulevard Starts September 2; Riders Will Get Additional Free Transfer (SI Advance)
  • Work Will Resume Monday After Second Avenue Subway Explosion (SAS, WSJ, NY1)
  • Bloomberg Bets Future of Boro Taxi Plan on Courts, Not Legislature (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    This is generational.  The most selfish and shortsighted generation in U.S. history.  They figure the MTA can just borrow more money.

    You know what the worst thing about the payroll tax is?  It doesnt’ fall on retirement income.  It doesn’t fall on investment income.  It doesn’t fall on unionized public employees and top executives, because they have contracts that prevent it from being shifted to them. 

    Just workers, including self employed workers without benefits.

  • Glenn

    Good for Lhota. Now what he needs are a few specific cuts to the LIRR and MetroNorth service (along with toll hikes) that will happen if the PMT is eliminiated. One place long overdue for review is the parking fees near the train stations. Those could stand to rise to market clearing rates. He could also ask for specific contribution amounts from those local areas to save their station.

  • KillMoto

    @b0b5a0cf4ee09ff380fd46de4055393f:disqus , Brilliant!Raising the price on commuter rail parking is the right thing to do Vs. raising fares, when there’s an either-or choice.  It’s a way for the railroad to bring in more dollar, but to target those with more income in doing so.  

    Poorer people who depend on the train can’t afford the $10,000 a year investment in a car that mostly sits in a commuter lot.  They walk, bike, or bus to the station, or get dropped off.  Raising the price of parking hurts the poor a little less than a hike in the train fare. 

  • J

    The DNAinfo article bashing the 34th St improvements is factually incorrect. The article claims that the $36 million improvements have yielded limited results, when, in fact, the overwhelming majority of those improvements have not been implemented yet. It would be a damning article if it was based on reality.

  • CheapSkate

    The Daily News doesn’t seem to be aware Central Park already has two clearly marked lanes , one for pedestrians and one for cyclists, when the park is open to traffic. Ironically the runner shown in the accompanying photo is actually in the bike lane. Are they suggesting yet a third lane for walkers?

    It’s also curious that the DN clocked 16 cyclists in 35 minutes exceeding the 25mph speed limit on the six mile loop. Any cyclist averaging 18mph, well below the speed limit, could easily pass the same point in that timeframe. It seems likely DN reporters may have clocked some of the same cyclists more than once.

  • Anonymous

    Off topic, but I think I might have found the mayoral candidate I can get behind, Tony Danza:

    The actor, a self-described “real user of mass transit” who took out his
    tattered MetroCard to prove it, explained some of his potential
    policies: “We need less cars,” he said.”I support the bike-share
    program. And rollerblades – I’m a skater. You can’t even take a cab from
    50th to 70th street now. If it was up to me, I’d go for the congestion
    price,” he said, referring to Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal for charging
    city drivers more.

  • Anonymous

    I realize that works of fiction are not the main topic of this blog, but I found it interesting that the reviews of Premium Rush that I’ve seen in the tabloids have been fairly positive, and they’ve even interviewed real-life bike messengers who worked on the movie and describe them in a positive light. All this while the other parts of the paper curse at cyclists in general and messengers in particular (although they seem to focus their ire more on food delivery guys on electric bikes than on fixed-gear couriers such as the ones shown in the film).

    I guess this shows that the people working for the entertainment section of the paper doesn’t talk much with the people from the ranting section. Otherwise we’d have editorials about the bad example set by this movie!

  • Reader

    @qrt145:disqus You must have missed Gawker’s review, “First, Kill All the Cyclists.”

  • Bolwerk

    Brodsky actually seems to be getting his signals crossed:

    Richard Brodsky, a Democratic former assemblyman from Westchester,
    writes in with the following response to Bloomberg’s comments:
    “Nostalgia for a regressive, poorly thought through tax largely paid by
    residents of the bronx queens and brooklyn and exempting suburban
    drivers is no substitute for a fully funded fair mta operating and
    capital budget.”

    Surely he cares so much about the poor.  And what is this thing about exempting suburban drivers? He he gotten senile in his old age?

  • vnm

    In Central Park, when it’s open to traffic, there is a fully separated running lane filled with tourists and other pedestrians walking. There is a painted bike lane filled with runners. There are two car lanes filled with cars.  Bikers are forced to use the margin between the bike lane filled with runners and the car lanes filled with cars.

  • vnm

    In Central Park, when it’s open to traffic, there is a fully separated running lane filled with tourists and other pedestrians walking. There is a painted bike lane filled with runners. There are two car lanes filled with cars.  Bikers are forced to use the margin between the bike lane filled with runners and the car lanes filled with cars.

  • Anonymous

    @6856258636adb85125a8897683076dc7:disqus : I saw that review, but I saw it in I guess it’s syndicated. But still, what I remember seeing in the Post and Daily News was pretty tame.

  • Anonymous

    @dporpentine:disqus I’m with you.  Danza ’13!

  • fj

    They’ve paved paradise and put in a parking lot.

    Demonization of the vast global array of structurally violent transportation systems based on cars and complete exposure of their horrific effect on civilization may well be the first major step to rational mobility solutions and a much more positive future us and the billions of people that follow.

    Warming-Driven Drought Pushes Crop Prices To Record Levels, As We 40% Of Corn Crop In Our Engines


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