Today’s Headlines

  • MTA Confident That Payroll Tax Will Be Upheld on Appeal (WSJNYT, NY1TransNat)
  • Ben Kabak Breaks Down the Insanity of Judge Cozzens’ MTA Payroll Tax Ruling (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Sunset Park Residents Call for Pedestrian Safety Fixes on Deadly Third Ave (DNA)
  • This Is How They Do Street Safety Messaging Down Under (Bklyn Spoke)
  • Quinn “Supports Goals” of Boro Taxi Plan But Won’t Comment on Passing a Bill (CapNY)
  • How Should Boro Taxis Be Priced? (Cap’n Transit)
  • Demolition Crew Used Wrong Steel Plates to Contain 2nd Ave Subway Blast Gone Awry (News)
  • 3-Car Crash on Canal Street Tuesday Set Off By Illegal U-Turn; Charges Pending (Post, Gothamist)
  • Will State DOT Decide Not to Spend Federal $ on Recreational Trails? (MTR)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    I’ll say it again — it’s time for the places that have the payroll tax opponents to be hoisted on their own petard in the way I have described. 

  • J

    Quinn is such a wet noodle. She appears to have no firm opinions on anything. If she was against Boro Taxis, I wish she’d just come out and say it instead of hedging her bets on every issue. She’s not much of a leader if you ask me, and therefore won’t get my vote.

  • Bolwerk

    Quinn really needs to retire to the country. Seriously. She’s enough to make me consider moving to London, where at least Boris Johnson has the crass politics of a “left-leaning” American Democrat.

  • m to the i

    Another driver driving a car on the sidewalk. No criminality suspected of course.

  • Joe R.

    It seems “having a seizure” is becoming the fashionable way to avoid taking responsibility for driving irresponsibly or incompetently. If any of these drivers really were prone to having seizures, then they should have turned their licenses in.

  • fj

    What a unique concept . . .
    Council Wants City to Prepare for Extreme Weather of Climate Change