Today’s Headlines

  • NYMTC Gives Green Light to Cuomo’s Tappan Zee (WSJ)
  • Hours Later, Cuomo Begins Second Attempt at Securing TIFIA Money (MTRCapital Tonight)
  • School Bus Strikes, Kills Man Loading Truck in Woodside Yesterday Morning (Post, Daily News)
  • De Blasio’s Street Safety “Incrementalism” Gets Attention from Capital New York
  • Bloomberg Responds to De Blasio, Calling Sadik-Khan a “Superstar” (CapitalPost)
  • Cuozzo Attacks Midtown East Rezoning for Fund to Accommodate Pedestrians (Post)
  • Injured Hunts Point Dirt Bike Passenger Sues City After Driver Killed in Crash With NYPD (DNA)
  • Race Car Consulting and Design Company Gets NYC Welcome With Sidewalk Parking (Gothamist)
  • Separated Bike Lane Next to 78th Precinct — Keep the Dream Alive (Bklyn Paper)
  • Prospect Heights Resident Invents Bike Helmet With Solar-Powered Lights (Bklyn Paper)
  • A Look at Recycle-A-Bicycle’s Youth Cycling Programs (WNET MetroFocus)

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  • Anonymous

    Bill DeBlasio, careerist.  (Like the rest of them).

    The way to a successful career is to pander to those with power and privilege — the political/union class and/or the executive/financial class — while paying lip service to the serfs.

    The most successful are those who are best at lying to the serfs while pandering to all the powerful interests and the most selfish members of older generations at the same time.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. and its states and localities continue to sell off the future, since the American people are already broke and in less of a position to do so as individuals.

  • Anonymous

    The Daily News granted less than 200 words to the death of a man killed by a bus. Yet they issued not one, but TWO 500-word pieces on injuries to pedestrians by cyclists in the past week.

    Again, they’re not even hiding their shameful agenda.

  • Anonymous

    It just occured to me.  The New Tappan Zee is to be a two-bridge span, each as wide as the existing one, right?  And the old Tappan Zee is to be removed, right?

    Why not build one span of the new Tappan Zee, remove the old Tappan Zee, and THEN build the second Tappan Zee in the same footprint as the old one?  It would have to save money on the two ends, right?

  • Bolwerk

     @larrylittlefield:disqus: saving money seems to be the last thing on anyone’s mind with the TZB. Hell, they could at least use the old span for transit.

  • moocow

    Something I didn’t realize, NPR said Cuomo has a 70% approval rating again, that’s why he has the cojones to push this mess through.

  • Reader

    Hit-and-run driver kills Bronx pedestrian. Man was hit in the crosswalk by a turning truck, which sounds like a clear case of failure to yield. 

    You can be sure there will be no finger-pointing editorial in the Daily News telling drivers to stop killing people.

  • fj

    Sadik-Khan definitely a superstar of heroic stature.

  • Driver

    The Daily News should not be using the term “biker” to reference both bicyclists and motorcyclists. 

    Biker hunted in Koch bridge neck slash 

  • Station44025

    My impression is that all the mayoral candidates are grasping for a “do the opposite of Bloomberg” strategy, as if they are running against him rather than each other. I don’t think simple binary contradiction is a good way to build a platform, but I’m not an expert political consultant.

  • Bolwerk

    OK, this settles it.  66% of bikers are for the bike lanes. They just aren’t part of the 27% whose opinion matters, which just so happens to include Bill De Blasio.

    @SB_Driver:disqus : I bet it was Ed himself.  He’s been a little nuts lately.