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  • Cyclists Crash After Vandal Scatters Tacks in Central Park; NYPD: So What? (Post)
  • Bloomberg to Motorhead Media: “If We Listen to You, We’d Never Do Anything Ever Again.” (Capital)
  • Taxi and Limousine Commission Expected to Approve Fare Hike Today (NY1)
  • Cuomo Administration Can’t Decide Whether or Not Tappan Zee Is Safe to Drive On (MTR)
  • Two Off-Duty NYPD Officers Have Been Arrested for DWI Since Sunday (DNA)
  • DUMBO Businesses Working With DOT on Anchorage Place Pedestrian Plaza (Bklyn Paper)
  • Safety-Minded Teens the Bronx Helpers Get Some Love From the Daily News
  • Driver Kills Self by Crashing Into Building in Westchester Square; “No Criminality Suspected” (DNA)
  • Southampton Police Track Phone Signal to Look for Hit-and-Run Killer, But BAC Evidence Lost (Post)
  • @danisimons: Cyclist Deaths Are Given Short Shrift by Cops in the ‘Burbs, Too (Nyack News)
  • Terminal Manager Says Shipping Firms Ditching Staten Island Over Bridge Tolls (Advance)
  • NYC DOT Ads Depicting Stressed-Out, Imperiled Cyclists Won’t Help Get Women on Bikes (Velojoy)
  • Got Opinions About Transit? The MTA Wants You (Transpo Nation)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    I wonder how the “broken windows” theory applies to going after cyclists with tacks?  I think the theory says baseball bats and guns come next.

    After all, the decriminization of minor white collar offenses certainly led to the ongoing white collar riot by the wealthy we’ve been seeing.

  • fj
  • fj

    Go Mike Bloomberg!

    re:  Bloomberg to Motorhead Media:  “If We Listen to You, We’d Never Do Anything Ever Again.”  (Capital)

    AKA, why would laggards want to live in this town?

  • Bolwerk

    “We have more important things to worry about, like people getting shot
    and squirrels getting run over,” said one cop. “A flat tire is not the
    crime of the century.”

    Are they too busy contriving reasons to harass cyclists to actually investigate a sociopathic vandal? NYPD could probably be quartered and serve a more useful function than it does now.

  • Joe R.

    If tacks are the new weapon of choice by bike haters, then I’m so happy to be riding on airless tires. I actually look forward to seeing some idiot throw down tacks in front of me while I ride past and scream “airless tires, a–hole!”.

  • Commissioner

    Attention people who ride bikes in Central Park: the NYPD thinks your safety is less important than a squirrel’s.

  • Guest

    Steve Vacarro, really? 

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see that dead squirrels are a higher priority to the NYPD than vandalism and assault against cyclists. There were actual injuries here, not just deflated tires. With bad enough luck, someone might get even killed in a thumbtack-induced freak crash (for example, if it’s during car hours and the cyclist happens to fall in front of a speeding car).

  • Jesse Greene

    Is the thumbtack article a belated April Fools joke?  Why is Steve Vacarro quoted?

    Btw I ran over a squirrel once in Central Park.  It’s not pretty.

  • Guest

    Ray Kelly promised the NYPD was really done with refusing to report crimes.
    Yet here we have evidence, yet again, that they’re fudging the numbers, and refusing to protect all the citizens in our city.

    Oh, and the other article about how off-duty cops put everybody’s life at risk is not a rare occurrence.  I would love to see what the DWI rate is for the NYPD.  Based on incidents reported in the papers alone, it is surely multiple times (possible double-digit multiples) the rate of the general public.  Certainly not acceptable to see such rates of dangerous, criminal behavior among people who have sworn an oath and are paid to enforce the law in the interest of keeping us safe!

    Time to fire Ray Kelly already, and replace him with somebody who is actually interested in public safety instead of harrassing minorities, protesters, cyclists, and anybody else his officers feel they can get away with disreprecting and violating.

  • AC

    i should do this on the west side highway bike lane. those people are worse than almost every driver on the road

  • Anonymous

    I’m quoted in the article because I’m one of the people whose tire was punctured by a tack. 

    Believe it or not, I was just interviewed by Channel Two’s Tony Aiello doing a follow-up story on the tacks.  I suggested that rather than speculating about whether the tacks represent an intentional assault against cyclists, he could cover a *confirmed* assault by a pedestrian on a cyclist–that involving our client Michael Mandiberg ( ), whose assailant was prosecuted and plead guilty

    We’ll see if that makes it into the broadcast.

  • krstrois

    That Post piece is written like you’re supposed to be excited that someone’s expensive racing bike was damaged — that’s their hook, not the fact that someone really wanted to hurt other people — their BODIES, not their bikes. All those rich and leisured cyclists, well they deserve to get hurt, don’t they? Blocking the way of working stiffs like us. Never mind the actual demographics of cycling in the city . . .  NY Post never misses an opportunity to inflame a culture war. They are disgusting. 

    I don’t ride around paranoid but this sort of treatment by the cops really demonstrates how *institutional* anti-cycling prejudice is. It is really scary. I carry my little son with me — this really does give me pause. 

  • AC

    that’s because most cyclists i see are worse than drivers and will run you over if you dare slow them down by a few seconds or step into their precious bike lane while waiting to cross the street

  • JamesR

    Streetsblog, is it possible to identify posters by IP address? Because we have a troll here (AC) who is threatening to spread tacks on the Hudson River Greenway. This person needs to be outed.

    It does feel a bit like cyclists are under siege again right now… between this, and the ticket blitz taking place over in Fort Lee against cyclists turning left on Hudson Terrace to get on to the GW bridge. It’s not as bad as the CP ticket blitz, but it screws with your peace of mind when all you want to do is ride your damn bike.These battles seem like they repeat every year, ad infinitum, and it wears on you.

  • Safety Expert

    AC: Don’t wait to cross the street in the bike lane. You should definitely just step out into traffic.

  • The global warming denier and wannabe tack-tosser AC won’t be commenting on Streetsblog anymore. Here’s a refresher on our comment moderation policy:

  • fj

    This is definitely about transportation under the “Clueless Rich Let Them Eat Cake” category.

    The Corn Identity:  The US Will Make Ethanol Out Of Enough Corn To Feed 412 Million People

    8 bushels of corn


    21.6 gallons of ethanol fuel


    Enough Food To Feed A Person For A Whole Year

    The Rule Of Law has been described as having saved about a billion lives in the last century despite two world wars and many other serious conflicts and it intensely informs my daily net zero commute since unfortunately is does not yet apply to the rules of the road; still ruled by the law of the jungle where might makes right, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  • fj

    Climate Change is not controversial or divisive.

    Every Network Gets Extreme Weather Story Right, ‘Now’s The Time We Start Limiting Manmade Greenhouse Gases’ — ABC

    And a vast array of simple and advanced net zero mobility solutions are virtually at our fingertips.  China alone has over one-half billion cyclists.

  • And thank you for having a comment moderation policy, Ben. It’s a sign of respect for your community and commitment to fairness that others like TA would be wise to follow.

  • fj

    Romney Surrogat Praises Obama Initiatives For Reducing CO2, Says Romney Is ‘Not A Denier’ of Climate Change

  • fj

    Can we make the public aware of net zero mobility solutions by calling them Cell Transit?

  • fj

    Can we make the public aware of net zero mobility solutions by calling them Cell Transit?


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