Eyes on the Street, Midtown Redux: Crosstown Bike Lane Meets 6 1/2 Avenue

Photo: @eveostay

More streetscape news from Midtown: In addition to the Eighth Avenue bike lane expansion and the installation of 6 1/2 Avenue, DOT is already at work on new crosstown lanes. Steve O., a.k.a. @eveostay, snapped this shot today at the brand new intersection of the E. 51st Street lane and 6 1/2 Ave.

The lane on 51st is one of eight that will run from 39th to 55th Streets, a project that received a positive vote from Community Board 6 in mid-June. Three pairs of lanes will run from First to Eighth Avenue, while a fourth set will be installed between Eighth Avenue and Grand Central Terminal. The lanes, planned ahead of this summer’s bike-share launch, will be interspersed with sharrows.

  • Guest

    I love this city

  • Getting better bit by bit.

  • Lisa Sladkus

    trying very hard to be happy for our city and not jealous…are you kidding me? they voted in mid-june and have implementation two weeks later? ok, that’s pretty cool.

  • Max Power

    Looks like a convenient spot for the NYPD to ticket cyclists who don’t stop at that sign

  • J

    @79c52c64a5e2ea95649dfd2f7ae18d2a:disqus I suspect that these lanes have been in the works for a long time. With bikeshare set to roll out at the end of July, they need to get these implemented quickly so that people new to biking will have some guidance on the streets in midtown.

    I have to say that I like this approach, which is pretty different from what I’ve seen done in Montreal and DC. Montreal has had an extensive network of protected lanes for a while, but they didn’t expand it very much alongside Bixi, and a good number of trips in the downtown core still require using streets without any sort of bike facility. In DC, they also have been slow to expand bike infrastructure alongside bikeshare, especially in the downtown tourist areas.
    While these midtown lanes aren’t that great in terms of design (no protection, lot of double parking), my feeling is that they will be heavily used, which will discourage at least some of the double-parking and obnoxious driver behavior that plagues other bike lanes. They will also serve to educate many new riders about where they should be on the road, which is a problem I’ve seen fairly frequently in Montreal.

  • Redbike9

    Trying not to rain on the parade
    — Sat 30 Jun PM
    — 8th Av north of 43rd St — peds treated the new bike lane as an extension of the sidewalk; it was useless as a bike lane. Bike share may lead to more intense bike use of lanes like this so this space won’t be appealing to peds, but frankly, what many Manhattan bike lanes on the the avenues show is that sidewalks are too narrow. This design — bike lane next to the sidewalk — may work well where there are fewer pedestrians, but in mid-town Manhattan….


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