Today’s Headlines

  • State DOT Joins City in Dashing Hopes of Sheridan Teardown (News)
  • Driver Doors and Kills Cyclist in Fresh Meadows, Impaling Him on Handlebars (Post)
  • City Approves Permanent Plaza For Jackson Heights’ 78th Street (News)
  • Everyone Should Read Kate Slevin’s Farewell Post at Mobilizing The Region
  • Upper West Side School Wants Play Street While Schoolyard Under Construction (DNAinfo)
  • Private Transit Fills Gap Left By Bronx Bus Cut, But Locals Still Hope to See Bx34 Back (DNAinfo)
  • Brooklyn Assembly Member William Colton Rallies to Restore B64 Bus (CBS)
  • Ban Ki-Moon Wants UN Bike-Share Station, But That’s Not Enough for Area NIMBYs (DNAinfo)
  • Blood Runs Thicker in Metro-North Hiring (News)
  • Amanda Burden Still Taking Heat For Letting Garages Ruin Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue (WSJ)
  • Bike Corral Comes To Williamsburg (DNAinfo)

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  • Miles Bader

    State DOT Joins City in Dashing Hopes of Sheridan Teardown

    Boy that’s a surprise…

    (wtf is the city’s excuse though?)

  • KillMoto

    RE: terrorist threat posed by UN Bike-Share Station:  
    If bike share bikes on 47th st pose a threat as a means of delivering explosives to the UN, then motor vehicles on 1st Avenur, especially trucks, pose 1000 times greater threat.  Time to close 1st Avenue to motor vehicle traffic, between 39th St. and 50th St., to alleviate the most credible terrorist threat. 

  • Anonymous

    I find the Post’s repeated descriptions of dooring in terms like the man “peddled into the driver’s-side door of a parked” car offensive. It fails to acknowledge the role of the person who flipped the car door open into the path of an oncoming bicycle in violation of the law and basic human decency. And it misses an opportunity to educate readers about their responsibility.

  • @Geck:disqus : You’ll fit in just fine around these parts. 

    The NYPost writes with little responsibility… it often just panders to a suburban mindset. They figure they sell more copies that way. It’s pathetic from a journalism standpoint.

  • fj

    probably the best description regarding the ny post comes from an australian politician:  Murdoch is an enemy of democracy.

    in any case anything that comes from murdoch news should categorized as being corrupt such as “can you believe this?!: the corrupt murdoch newspaper the ny post lied today that bicycles killed 1000 people last year and not give much more detail on the story since details from the story just acts as an echo chamber amplifying the misinformation; or something like  “more lies from murdoch news . . .”

  • Jesse Greene

    I just want to echo what Geck says.  I was very offended by this article in the Post:

    “A circus worker died in freak bicycle accident yesterday when he slammed into an open car door on a Queens street and was impaled on his bike’s handlebars, sources said.

    “The man, in his early 30s, peddled [sic] into the driver’s-side door of a parked Toyota Camry on Union Turnpike Fresh Meadows at around 8:10 p.m., police said.

    Let’s all have a moment of silence for the door… and the editorial standards of print media.

  • RE: Residents Say Bike-Share Site Near UN Creates Safety RiskYou could probably make the same argument against placing a station for the new Second Ave line (if it ever gets built.) The idea that Midtown East can’t afford to have  transportation hubs in places where people are likely to use it makes absolutely no sense. 

  • Joe R.

    I rode past the exact location on Union Turnpike where the accident occurred yesterday barely 20 minutes before it happened. I remember taking the traffic lane due to the large numbers of parked cars in the curb lane (which is usually empty), and the fact that I was going close to 30 mph because I had a major tailwind. The curb lane on most of Union Turnpike is really too narrow for both parking and riding. The only way to avoid being in the door zone is to take one of the traffic lanes. That said, it’s inexcusable that a person entering or leaving a car can’t take a moment to look for cyclists. Of course, it was all the cyclist’s fault according to the NY Post since he “slammed into the car door”. The low journalistic standards at the NYP never cease to amaze me.

  • Anonymous

    The editors of the NY Post can’t even spell right, so asking for journalistic standards would be too much. They should look up the difference between peddling and pedaling.

  • IsaacB

    This has been an awful week in the NYC metro area for cyclists.


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