Today’s Headlines

  • Picture This — Citi Field Parking Lots Filling Up 365 Days a Year (DNANewsPost)
  • Juan Gonzalez: The Willets Point Land Deal Reeks (News)
  • Reckless Driving Spree in East Flatbush Ends With Cop Fatally Shooting Motorist (NYTNewsPost)
  • Mysterious Tappan Zee Financing Has Wall Street Worried About Thruway Authority Debt (MTR)
  • Deadly Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard on Track to Get Life-Saving Improvements (News)
  • Truck Traffic Bombarding Skillman Avenue in Sunnyside (DNA)
  • Andrew Gounardes, Marty Golden’s State Senate Opponent, Is Pro-Bike Lane (Bklyn Paper)
  • Stringer Backs Boro Taxi Plan (WSJ)
  • Bronx DA: Cop’s Excuse For Wrong-Way Drunken Crash Doesn’t Hold Up (Post)
  • Nepotism Alert at Metro-North (News)

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  • Ian Turner

    Interesting to me how everyone is describing Davis as being unarmed, when it seems perfectly clear to me that she was armed with a two-ton killing machine.

  • Guest

    Interesting to me just how seriously the NYPD takes vehicular crimes when THEY are the victims.

    Too bad they have no interest in protecting the rest of us…

  • kevd

    So the mayor likes to steal people’s property and give it away to his billionaire buddies not only in fancy Manhattan and brownstone Brooklyn… but also in Queens! 
    And they claim they’re ignored by city government….
    You should be so lucky!

  • Larry Littlefield

    If all those Thruway and Tappan Zee tolls had been used for transportation, instead of bonded against with the money spent elsewhere, the Thruway Authority would have no problem replacing the bridge.  That’s what incoming politicians do not get — the extent to which previous politicians have sucked all the resources out of the future.

    In fact, the “original sin” was committed by Governor Cuomo’s own dad, in response to the deep early 1990s recession.  Selling the Thruway to itself and borrowing and spending the proceeds.  Mario Cuomo had been a responsible Governor before that.  His successors never stopped sinning, in good times and bad.

    Meanwhile, while all this was going on, younger generations who will have to pay back the debts have been made poorer than those who came before were at the same age.  This post from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College is shocked this has happened from 2000 to 2010, but it had been going on long before.

    Note that those now age 55 to 74 are about 25% better off than prior generations had been at that age.  But those now younger are worse off than those age 55 to 74 had been when they were younger.  Those now 54 and younger will really feel this when they get old themselves.   Because when a given person stops working, their income goes down.   But compared with today’s retired seniors, the income of those 54 and younger is starting out lower, and will go down more.

    And note that while those now 45 to 54 (my generation) are worse off than those older had been at that same age, those now 35 to 44 and younger are worse off than my generation had been when we were that age.  Etc.  This will obviously affect transportation choices.

  • Anonymous

    Just headlines today?  You guys must be hard at work on digesting that report that came out today!

  • fj

    Decisions made by people alive today will determine the fate of life on Earth for centuries to come:


  • Ian Turner

    @twitter-93223785:disqus : Hasn’t that been true for a couple generations now?

  • fj

    Climate pragmatism does not work.  Neither does transportation pragmatism.  They are both failed policies that are tightly linked yet advocates continue to use them.

    House Republicans Ramp Up War On Safe Biking And Walking


  • fj

    Ian Turner,

    Yes, the Carter administration put stuff in place.  Reagan dismantled it.


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