Today’s Headlines

  • To NYC Police and Prosecutors, Fare-Beating a More Serious Offense Than Killing With a Car (NY1)
  • NYPD Charges Westchester-Bronx Chase Driver With Manslaughter for Passenger Death (Patch, NYT)
  • L Train Service Is About to Get a Big Boost (Second Ave Sagas)
  • Transit Union Report Says Bad Bank Deals Partly to Blame for MTA Woes (WNYC)
  • NYPD Occupy Barricades Forcing Wall Street Bull Tourists Into Traffic (DNA)
  • Megabus Barred From Parking Outside Port Authority (Crain’s)
  • Hummer Limousine Crash in Queens Village Sends 13 to Hospital (NY1)
  • Threat or Promise? School Bus Drivers Issue Strike Warning to DOE Chancellor (DNA)
  • Long Island City: Kids’ Bike Parade on Vernon Boulevard This Weekend (DNA)
  • Jersey City Close to Deal on High Line-Style Embankment Park and Transit Development (WNYC)
  • The FDR Pedestrian Esplanade: Architects Reimagine the East Side Riverfront (Capital)

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  • So the NYPD is putting people in physical danger in order to protect the golden calf.


  • Mike

    Weird plaza angle on this story:

    Oddly, when I’ve been to that plaza, it has been bustling.

  • Bolwerk

    Why should Marquis St. Evremonde have to pay so much as a penny when he runs over a useless peasant? Farebeaters, OTOH, are immoral scum.

  • Media Watcher

    Paul Steely White’s appearance on NY1 is pretty stellar.–sound-off–bicycle-advocate-vs–car-advocate

    Watch Robert Sinclair, spokesman for the Automobile Club of NY, as he honestly states that NYC is “undercarred, that we should increase capacity for automobiles, and that we should pay for roads with magic money from the federal government. The judges give his mental gymnastics a perfect 10.

  • Jesse Greene

    Hahahaha “undercarred”!   What does that even mean?  New Yorkers have fewer cars than the rest of America. And this is a problem?  That’s like saying we’re starving to death because our obesity rate is lower than the national average.

  • moocow

    Thanks Media for pointing out that PSW bit.  Paul did a great job and the car guy just blew misinformation chunks all over the room.  Removed three lanes of traffic for a bike lane? Whaaaaa?
    What I love about the car zealots, and the car lobby, is they always talk about how “Trucks bring us everything and have to move.” That’s fine and true, but don’t glom your self-indulgent car trip as just as important as a truck delivery.  There are choke points getting into the city, because way too many single occupant cars are choking that point too. 

  • Jeff

    Isn’t the importance of trucks, and the need to maintain capacity therefor, an argument in favor of curtailing private auto use?

  • Paul

    Interviewer: How do we pay for the roads?

    Robert Sinclair: The Federal Government

    Interviewer: Where do they (the Government) get the money?

    Robert: They print it, that’s how.

    Oh dear.

  • Anonymous

    PSW: This point about trucks is one that wasn’t answered.  Is there a cogent response to Sinclair on this one?

  • fj

    This more than justifies extensive deployment of bikeshare in all 5 NYC boros at wartime speed:

    Must-Read:  Scientists Uncover Evidence of Impending Tipping Point For Earth


    Welcome to the corrupt Murdoch News and the Fox News Nation that this does not get the crucial coverage — it must have in a well-run democratic government —  by the advocacy and mainstream media.

  • fj

    Media Watcher,

    Yes, Paul Steely White did a great job but even more effective would be detailing how we got in the mess we are in now which has been caused by cars.

    A series on say NY1 based on Peter D. Norton’s “Fighting Traffic” would definitely be a good place to start.


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