Today’s Headlines

  • Gov. Cuomo to Appoint Gov. Paterson to MTA Board (News)
  • NYPD Inattention to Bicycle Crashes Gets National Attention From CNN‘s Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  • Police Cruiser as Weapon: Brooklyn Man Run Down and Killed By NYPD (NYT)
  • Three-Car Midtown Crash Injures 10, Including Four on Sidewalk; “No Criminality” (NYTDNA)
  • Harrison, NJ Plans to Double Town Population, Grow Around PATH Train (WSJ)
  • New Jersey Transit Systems Setting Records, But Funding Stays Flat (NJ Spotlight)
  • Bay Ridge Drivers: Unless Fourth Ave. Stays Motorway, We’ll Go to Jersey (Bklyn Paper)
  • Former Opponents of Putnam Triangle Plaza Now Fighting for Every Inch (Bklyn Paper)
  • The NYT Gets a Peek at West Side Bike-Share Location Map
  • Ed Glaeser: For the Environment and Economy, Build Up Near Grand Central (News)
  • Store Owners Sue City, Drivers for 2011 Crashes Off Queensboro Bridge (Post)
  • Pick-Up Truck Driver Injures Pedestrian on Lower East Side (DNA)

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  • Those who watched the Sanjay Gupta segmentas it aired on CNN also got to watch a short “safe biking” segment with a cycling Sanjay. Highlight: novice cyclists are instructed to take the lane in order to remain visible, and to ignore motorists who honk at them for doing so.  First time I’ve seen that advice in the MSM!

  • Anonymous
    Damn bikes:

  • 10 njured in Midtown Crash:  Given the quote from the NYPD in the City Room report–“The
    police spokesman said that no one was “likely to die”– isn’t the
    critical question for the NYPD here whether the Accident Investigation
    Squad (AIS) is actively investigating the case?

    At the February 15 City Council oversight hearing, NYPD
    representatives confirmed, to the dismay of many, that it does not
    involve AIS in crashes unless there are fatalities or victims are
    “likely to die,” and that non-AIS investigation amount to virtually no
    investigation at all.  Now–when evidence of the crash is still
    fresh–is the time for NYPD to go on the record as to whether any of the
    ten victims in this crash merit a serious AIS-style investigation,
    including a canvass of the neighborhood for relevant videotape, crash
    scene measurements, downloading “black box” data from the vehicles
    involved, the search for and interviewing of witnesses, etc. 

  • Ian Turner

    The times article refers to the incident twice as an “accident”, when there is no evidence that it was any such thing. If the man had been shot, would we assume it was an accident?

  • digamma

    I hope you guys are planning to cover the decision to declare the Houston St BP station an historic landmark.

  • Long-Time Observer

    Because the NYPD does not investigate these kinds of crashes, we will we ever know what exactly caused the crash in Midtown and what can be done to prevent future crashes with similar causes. If the crash was caused by reckless driving, the reckless driver who caused the crash could very well be back behind the wheel driving around the streets of New York City today.

    I consider this state of affairs to be completely insane. Why does NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly allow this to continue? Isn’t he responsible for public health and safety? If a crane collapsed or Plaxico Burress accidentally discharged his handgun in Midtown yesterday injuring ten New Yorkers, Ray Kelly, Cy Vance and Mayor Bloomberg would be all over it. Why are car crashes treated so differently?

  • Anonymous

    A car injures one or more pedestrians ON THE SIDEWALK at least once a month in NYC.  How about when a car ends up on a sidewalk, whether pushed by another car or just by the driver, SOMEONE HAS TO GET CHARGED WITH SOMETHING?   Can the city accomplish that? 

    I got my “once a month” stat from an informal search I once did using Streetsblog’s search function.  But soon after, the search function changed.  Perhaps Streetsblog or some more web-savvy person than I can do a little research on this pattern?  If I’m right, I think it’s a serious problem and the fact that even in such cases we get the “no criminality” line it reflects very poorly on the city.

  • xin xia

    good , I like it 

  • Larry Littlefield

    “How about when a car ends up on a sidewalk, whether pushed by another car or just by the driver, SOMEONE HAS TO GET CHARGED WITH SOMETHING?   Can the city accomplish that?”

    Recall the idea of the “social contract of the road” discussed here earlier.  It assumes everyone is a driver, accidents happen, so everyone has to accept the risk of being injured of killed by another driver in exchange for the right to drive and put other people at risk.  This view was virtually enshrined by “no fault” insurance reforms.  But this assumption is not fair to pedestrians and cyclists, who post little or no threat to drivers or anyone else.

    So how about an auto insurance reform that eliminates all awards for pain and suffering for motor vehicle drivers and passengers in motor vehicle accidents, but provides triple damages every time a motor vehicle injures a non- motor vehicle occupant?

    Of course, such a reform might turn some drivers and their advocates against pedestrians and cyclists even more.

  • Anonymous


    A car injures one or more pedestrians ON THE SIDEWALK at least once a month in NYC.

    A cop or at least someone closely connected to the police seems to injure or kill a pedestrian or a cyclist with about that same frequency. I think that explains why we won’t see any charges for drivers unless we absolutely pound the police about this.

  • Here’s the link to the CNN transcript telling cyclists to take the lane, and the relevant excerpt below:

    GUPTA: Another thing a lot of people just simply don’t know, or they
    assume they know are just the rules of the road, interacting with cars,
    with other folks on the road. What do you tell them about those rules?

    LONG: If the road narrows, and there’s not enough room over there, he cyclist actually has the right to the lane.

    GUPTA: Is that right?

    That is the law. The cyclist has the right of the lane and you should
    pull into the lane and let that car behind you see you. If they beep
    their horn, like you’ll get in New York probably, and he sees you. Now,
    you are visible. Just ride and so you can get over. Exactly.

    GUPTA: Thanks a lot. Appreciate it.

  • HamTech87

    RE: Bike Share Location Map.  I’m getting a bit worried that “go big or go home” for NYC Bike Share is not happening.  There seem to be too few stations on the far west side.  What happens if a station is full; you have to find another one.  Unfortunately, these are spaced apart too far, and will make finding an alternative station very inconvenient.  

  • Steve F

    Take New Jersey.  Please!
    Bay Ridge Drivers: Unless Fourth Ave. Stays Motorway, We’ll Go to Jersey.
    Yes, move to NJ, which has the best highways 1935 can provide.  If you believe that Gov Christie can build you out of highway congestion, we have a rail tunnel to sell you.

  • To add to what Larry has said below, I spoke to a gentleman the other day about the relative risk of sidewalk cycling and sidewalk driving. He pshawed the sidewalk driving, noting that drivers carried insurance, while sidewalk cyclists did not.


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