Today’s Headlines

  • Bill Bratton, 16 Years Off Force, Still Gets a Parking Placard From NYPD (Post)
  • City Plans to Cut 500 Cars From Municipal Fleet (Post)
  • Crain’s: MTA Needs New Revenue Beyond the Farebox
  • Even Adding Sidewalk Draws Protest From Pelham Parkway Motorists (News)
  • City Gets Down to Details for Taxi of Tomorrow (NYT)
  • Will Phil Goldfeder Also Support Speeding Cameras? (News)
  • Columnist: Cuomo to Be Remembered For “Bait And Switch” on Tappan Zee (LoHud)
  • Gridlock Sam Toll Plan Draws Radio Silence From Mayoral Candidates (Reuters)
  • Senators from NY, NJ Call For Expedited Review of Bayonne Bridge Raising (Advance)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    They keep giving the MTA new revenues.  But only enough to pay for a few years — if money is borrowed for 30 years.  So taxes go up again and again, but the agency ends up broke a few years later, and everybody screams.

    What the MTA needs is not to have to pay back all those bond and pension debts, so it can use its existing revenues for transportation.

    By the way, why did the state and city decide to load all the debts onto the MTA?  Two reasons.  The people wouldn’t vote for general obligation bonds.  And the bondholders figured because the state’s economy would collapse if the MTA did, an MTA bond came with a right to hold future generations hostage.

  • Bolwerk

    How many minorities does a cop have to beat to earn a lifetime placard? 

  • Frank Shoupico

    Wow. How much is the lifetime dollar value of Bill Bratton’s parking placard? Can we subtract that from his pension?

  • Caleb Carr Driver

    Teddy Roosevelt’s parking placard must be worth millions by now.

  • Paul “Pants On Fire” Browne once again demonstrates how to completely lie to the general public without remorse. 

  • Bolwerk

    Pensions really should be reserved for people who don’t leave the city.  The people who find police work or Florida appealing are of course some of the least appealing in our society, and by all means we’re probably better off without them, but we shouldn’t encourage them to hang around just so they can leave with a pension after 20 years.

  • KillMoto

    A real “taxi of the future” would include integrated telemetry to assess state of the roads, would have acceleration and speed governed to legal levels (because, you know, speeding is neither a right nor a privilege) and would charge the driver a dollar per honk, which would certainly keep the annoying honking down to an absolute minimum. 

  • krstrois

    But NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul Browne insisted Bratton wasn’t breaking any rules.“Former police commissioners are entitled to placards,” he said.Entitled is certainly the right word. 

  • Of course retired Commissioner Bratton gets a placard. What’s surprising is that he only gets one!  Retired *Deputy* Commissioner of Parks Alan Moss gets TWO placards allowing him to park his two Connecticut-plated cars 24/7 in Central park!

  • The Truth

    Sure, Paul Browne…  we should also ignore the fact that the car was STILL parked illegally, even WITH the placard… and we should further ignore the fact that your Traffic Enforcement Agents swarming the block all day long decided to help him break the law…

    It really is a shame that the NYPD works so damn hard at breaking the law for their own benefit, instead of trying to do anything that would actually keep us safe.

  • Releasethebats50

    It should be noted that former Commissioner Bratton has an outstanding ticket for driving in the 1st Avenue bus lane.  Broken windows theory, indeed.


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