Today’s Headlines

  • Chris Quinn Hails Unanimous Vote to Make Life Easier for Parking Scofflaws (NYT, DNA, GoGa)
  • State Transportation Money Carved Up According to Politics, Not Strategic Goals (Capital)
  • Lhota Non-Committal on Gridlock Sam Plan, But Thinks Toll Talk Is Here to Stay (TransNat)
  • Cuomo Milks MTA Debt Deal, Touting Upstate Jobs (Capital)
  • TSTC: Transit-Free Tappan Zee Won’t Meet Stated Mobility Criteria (MTR)
  • Josh Thorne, 25, Killed by Two Hit-and-Run Drivers in Crown Heights (News, WABC, NY1)
  • Staten Islanders Propose Safety Fixes for Deadly Howard Avenue (Advance)
  • Daily News Headline Writers Can’t Resist Dehumanizing McGuinness Boulevard Victims
  • Tudor City NIMBYs Turn Out to Shout Down Pedestrian Plaza (DNA)
  • CB 5 Committee Votes to Reduce Commercial On-Street Parking Hours (DNA)
  • Give Occupy Wall Street a Little Credit for the Next Fare Hike (Bklyn Paper, News)
  • Irony: When Climate Change Wipes Out Your Subway System (Second Ave Sagas)

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  • The only mention of “Hipster Highway” is in the headline. It seems the writer wrote a very straightforward, dignified report, and then the editor who wrote the headline, probably either a older-generation scold, conservative zealot or a self-hating hipster himself/herself, ruined it all.

    Make no mistake: this language sends the message that people who try to reform abusive traffic habits are “not like you and me” and should be locked out of any policy debate. It’s a position of desperation: there’s no reason at all why speeding drivers on McGuinness should be spared a swift, hard crackdown.

  • Brad Aaron

    @brianvan:disqus Correct. Hence “Daily News Headline Writers…”

  • Jjmelon

    Dumb thing to do for Occupy Wall Street associated folks. Though the way you treat this is the same as your disdain for Union workers. You seem to dislike both.

  • Brad Aaron

    @60345b2d06f7d42a067dba7774571878:disqus Not sure who “you” refers to, but I’m pro-OWS and pro-union. Doesn’t mean they should get a pass when they do something boneheaded.

  • carma

    DUMB DUMB stupid thing for the OWS to do. (as usual)

    sorry, but this type of anarchist behavior is typical of what this group represents. freebies for everybody.

    this is vandalism plain and simple.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Read this article.  I dare you.

    As for OWS, they are a confused bunch who are screwed and don’t understand how or why, because they don’t have the information.  Perhaps if the truth starts sinking into the MSM, they will start to get it.

    On topic?  Read the article, and you tell me how the next generation is going to be able to afford to travel everywhere in one car per adult. 

    (And live in housing units with 600 square feet plus and a bathroom per person, with one year in retirement for each year worked.)

  • Huh?

    The “Hipster Highway” headline seemed particularly out-of-place with a photo of several decidedly un-hipster pedestrians.

  • kevd

    @ Huh?

    1) Pink Knit winter hat
    2) Brightly colored, retro handbag
    3) Chunky sneakers
    = hipster

    Plus, I totally saw that chick at Rosemary’s last week.

    Good eye, Daily News. Don’t be fooled by age or Polish-ness. Anyone walking in Greenpoint is probably just some entitled transplant who has been bankrolled by mommy and daddy in Ohio, and therefore they deserve whatever they get. They’re not “real New Yorkers” like you are.


Today’s Headlines

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Today’s Headlines

Hit-and-Run Driver Critically Injures Pedestrian Crossing Grand Concourse (News, Post, WCBS, WNBC) Cyclist Killed in Harlem Hit-and-Run Identified as Sergei Musatov, 42 (News) …The Times Wants to Know If Musatov, Hit From Behind, Was Wearing a Helmet Greenfield and Treyger Ask City to Raise Speed Limit on Ocean Pkwy to 30 MPH (Ditmas Park Corner) Bronx […]

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