Today’s Headlines

  • The New Times Square Is an Economic Powerhouse … (NYT)
  • … Will SUV-Riding Public Space “Agnostic” Chris Quinn Get Religion? (Elle)
  • What Do You Know: Cuomo’s Tappan Zee Greenway Was Just a Big Lie (Nyack News)
  • Transportation Nation Picks Up Chuck Schumer Prospect Park West Sighting
  • The Times Casts Lakeside Project, Loop Conflict as Signs of Struggling Park
  • City Pay Phones to Be Replaced by Web Kiosks (Post)
  • Bloomberg and Sadik-Khan Mark Arrival of Pothole Repair Season (Bloomberg, DNA)
  • Mourners Endangered by Drivers at Ronald Tillman Ghost Bike Dedication (Gothamist, NY1)
  • Midwood Collision Sends Bus Onto Sidewalk, Flips Car; 12 Injured (NY1, Post)
  • Upper East Side Crash Sends Cab Into Park Avenue Doctor’s Office (DNA, Gothamist)
  • TLC Impound Lot for Unlicensed Taxis Has a Revolving Door (NYT)
  • The Andrew Cuomo Administration Doesn’t Celebrate Sunshine Week (NY World)

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  • carma

    this very mild winter has actually endured well on the roads.  i havent seen this few potholes.  well.. ever.   with that said, pothole repair season should be more welcomed from cyclists than motorists.  a wrecked axle wont kill you in a car, but a wrecked bicycle can kill you.  i welcome pothole repair season.

  • Isaac B

    I told you the Tappan Zee greenway was a diversion. 

  • Long-Time Observer

    Anyone else find it completely ironic that just yesterday the NYT was tearing up the Jax Hts pedestrian plaza project just as they once tore up the Times Square pedestrian plaza project. And now, today, the NYT is reporting that the new Times Square has emerged as the city’s economic powerhouse?

  • Long-Time Observer

    Also, WTF… I just read the Prospect Park story. Why does the NYT feel the need to pitch a story like that as a big negative and a brewing controversy. A massive, $74M, once-in-a-century project is a few months behind schedule. No one I know is really all that anxious about it. Prospect Park is more popular, beloved and in better shape than it ever has been. What’s the controversy here? There is none.

    As for the part about motorists and Community Boards being “anxious” about new traffic patterns… Are you kidding me? We’re talking about an incredibly small number of cars using the park on a daily basis. It’s a non-issue.

  • Park user

    I hope that DOT is ready with before and after traffic monitoring once the new Prospect Park configuration begins.  I’m sure we’ll hear cries from angry motorists about how much worse the traffic is in surrounding neighborhoods, and we’re going to need hard data to show that such claims and worries are completely false.

    It will also help with the eventual move to a completely car-free park.

  • anxiously awaiting bikeshare

    Perfect, now that everyone has internet on their cell phones there will be internet kiosks clogging the sidewalks.  Just get rid of the payphones and move on.

  • kevd

    It’s true. Everyone who can afford an expensive monthly data contract for their 4G phone has internet on their phone.

    So that is absolutely everyone, everywhere!There is not a single poor person or technophobe in New York City, not one! We should design all public services with this same mindset – serving only those who we choose to admit exist or choose to see from out limited perspectives.

    Medicade? Don’t need it! Everyone gets health insurance through the freelancers union, anyway.
    Bus service? End it! Everyone lives near a subway station, right?

  • Bolwerk

    So, what about the feasibility of using the old Tappan Zee for transit?  If they build a new Tappan Zee, it stands to reason they can have uninterrupted access to the old bridge for major structural repairs. There’s room for both the BRT and MNRR service on the old structure. 

  • Huh?

    What is a “12 foot shared use path for bikers, walker and ‘public artwork.’ ”? 

    Whatever that is, it’s not ASSHTO compliant!  The minimum recommended width for a shared-use path is 10 feet, PLUS a two-foot shoulder on each side (total of 14 feet of clear width). 

    How do they justify reducing the clear width by 2 feet, and how in the world do they think it could be safe to place obstructions within their below-standard width???

    Something doesn’t smell right.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Hey Kevd, in addition to the poor and technophobes you forgot to mention us cheapskates. 

    It takes a lot for me to to accept that something provides a marginal benefit in excess of the marginal cost, and I’ve been fighting the upward definition of a comfortable middle class life my whole life.  I don’t even have a cell phone.

  • kevd

    Larry – not sure if you were consciously including me in that “us.”
    Although, I did finally give in and get a cell phone a few years back. 
    But it just makes calls and texts – no internet.

  • Joe R.

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus Hey, I finally found another person who doesn’t have a cell phone! I never got one for three reasons. One, I think I’ve only needed to make a phone call when I’m out perhaps 3 times in the last 35 years. That’s not enough of a reason to spend even $20 a month on a cheap cell phone plan. Two, when I’m out, I definitely do not want to be interrupted with phone calls. Three, I like to travel light. That basically just means ID, a Metrocard, a little money, my house keys. A cell phone is just another thing to accidentally lose.

  • Larry Littlefield

    There is this hand me down on a pay per call plan I borrow a few times a year when I’m trying to meet someone, but that’s about it.  I don’t know how to text, or it if does.  Then again, I do still wear a digital watch, which people who carry cell phones don’t have to bother with.  And I do sit behind a desk in one place all day.  If I didn’t, perhaps I’d want the cell 

    But the point is a good one.  Not everyone has up to the minute technology.  

    At the kid’s high school, there is a lot of stuff on line now.  What about those who can’t afford the internet with a PC or laptop?  It isn’t a lot, but it must be some.  Computer access has by far replaced book access as the most important thing at the library.  But library service has been cut.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Which reminds me, they should put one of those pay internet thingys at every bus stop, set to show “Bus Time” for free whenever someone isn’t paying to use it.


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