Monday: No More Detour on the Manhattan Bridge

Image: NYC DOT

After a seven and a half month detour, the time is finally upon us: Starting Monday, cyclists can return to the north side of the Manhattan Bridge, and pedestrians can go back to the south side. The days of biking on the harrowing Bowery detour are just about over, and knock on wood, there were no casualties (except for the credibility of the Daily News editorial page).

Some construction sheds will remain on the bridge paths until 2013 — read all about it in NYC DOT’s construction update [PDF].

It seems likely that the Manhattan Bridge detour hampered the growth of the city’s annual bike count, which measures cyclists crossing six points around the edges of the Manhattan CBD. So, will we see a rebound effect now that the bridge is going back to normal? Leave your forecasts in the comments.

  • Ben from Bed Stuy

    I’ll be there Monday morning with the Brooklyn TA Volunteer committee. Y’all get ready for some tasty breakfast treats, ya heard?

  • Ben from Bed Stuy

    I will be glad when riding the Manhattan Bridge is once again safe for cyclists exiting the bridge and arriving to Lower Manhattan. Enjoy the nosh, y’all.