Today’s Headlines

  • Read All About NYPD’s Failure to Investigate Crashes (Gothamist, NYT, News, CapNY, WNYC, NY1, VV)
  • Post Readers Get the In-Depth Story
  • Erika Lefevre: “I Do Not Believe Drivers Who Cause Deaths Should Be Able to Walk Away” (Bklyn Paper)
  • NYPD Issued More Summonses to Cyclists Than to Truckers Last Year (TransNat)
  • Tri-State: State Docs Don’t Show How “Future Transit” Would Actually Work on the New Tappan Zee
  • Merchants on 37th Road Want to “Bring More Traffic Into the Congested Heart of Little India” (News)
  • Glendale Businesses, Retired Cop Gung-Ho About Bringing a Plaza to 70th Street (News)
  • 12 People Hurt in Car-Bus Crash in Crown Heights (DNA)
  • Passengers Leap to Defend Megabus (DNA)
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Car-Owning (Bklyn Paper)

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  • fj

    Safe environmental & personal transportation must prevail on all public space #askmike @NYCMayorsOffice

  • Larry Littlefield

    The inefficient parking story at the bottom is very telling.  As much as the Post, etc. may try to displace their aggression onto people who ride bicycles, the real hell for drivers is other drivers (and parkers).  We had a group, which since moved away, doing this on our block — and someone got mad enough to circulate a flyer against them. 

    This goes to show why drivers are easy to incite and cannot be made happy, because there is no way to solve the problem of too many cars in too little space.

  • Transpo Geek

    It’s good to see people other than transportation geeks caring about deaths and injuries caused by cars.  Hopefully this marks the beginning of some kind of cultural change in New York: when you operate a dangerous machine you are responsible for the harm you cause.

  • Anonymous

    Vacca wrote back to me, evidently personally, saying he is “definitely” working with Vallone on a City Council resolution asking Albany to pass the improved Hayley and Diego’s Law.  Very happy to see that.

    I wrote back once more, giving my personal summary of what the problem is:

    “You know about Diego Martinez and Hayley Ng.  That their killer was never charged points precisely to gaps in NYPD’s responsibility that your hearing helped reveal yesterday:  what happened to them is exactly analogous to this:  a worker is hoisting a piano over a crowded sidewalk, to get it onto the third floor of a building.  While hoisting, he realizes it’s his lunch time, so, only half paying attention, he ties the rope to a cleat and walks off.  The rope unravels and the piano falls to the sidewalk, killing two children.  Shouldn’t someone face criminal charges?  That’s precisely analogous to what happened to Hayley and Diego, but the careless van operator (who committed at least TWO violations:  leaving his vehicle running unattended, and failing to exercise due care to ensure that it was in “park” or adequately braked) was never cited or charged with ANYTHING, I believe, by NYPD or the DA.  My point is this: it seems that that’s all because the instrument of death was a motor vehicle.  If it had been anything else, someone would have faced criminal charges.  Just look at the crane collapses of a couple years ago.  But apparently, the pervasive culture, and/or fatally flawed procedures and policies of NYPD and the DA, improperly and summarily exculpated the motor vehicle operator, as so terribly often happens.”

  • Ian Dutton

    Post: “Hundreds of New Yorkers Killed, Thousands Injured, Cops Don’t Investigate, But Did You See That Dog Show? What A Cute Pomeranian, Huh? Gee Whiz!”

  • IsaacB

    Situations like the Jackson Heights plaza present a challenge (and potential opportunity) to “the city”. We are “blessed” with vibrant, vital ethnic enclaves (such as 37th Road in Jackson Heights, 13th Avenue in Borough Park, 181st Street in Washington Heights, Bergenline Avenue in Hudson County). On weekends, people come in to eat and do business. Having achieved “the American Dream”, they have cars. They not only feel the need to get to the enclave by car, they want to be able to park their cars in front of every business they visit, a double-parked 2,000 pound shopping cart. This ends up clogging the streets. It causes incessant honking, conflicts with peds at crosswalks, fights between motorists and with authorities over ticketing. Bus lines that traverse these streets often get stuck behind double-parked vehicles. Eventually, these shoppers find new places to go, closer to home, with “free” parking and abandon the “enclave”, causing merchants to have to re-group and re-vitalize. They don’t use public transit or walk, because they’ve already paid for the car, so additional trips appear “free”. They come from areas where it’s not convenient to take transit. They “need” their cars to carry “all the stuff”. Or, they just disdain public transit. So, it’s a tough sell to induce them to leave the car at home. These people, and the merchants who serve them, value parking more than street furniture. They will not appreciate losing those spots.

    A project like the Jackson Heights plaza, if not properly executed and without a solid constituency, could end up biting its supporters and encouraging those who would strip away all the progress that’s been made on behalf of those who walk, bike and take transit. So, as transit/walk/bike advocates, we need to find a way to reduce “demand” for parking spots (by convincing people that they’d have a better time if they left their car home, or parked once at the enclave’s edge), before taking away the “supply” of spaces.

  • Anonymous

    Is the MSM actually picking up on the fact that the NYPD does a shit job of traffic policing?  I never thought I’d see the day.

  • “Post Readers Get the In-Depth Story” is definitely my pick for wry re-written headline of the year!

  • Ian Turner

    According to the News (source: NYPD), one in six accident investigations lead to an arrest. How come we never hear about this? Is it because the arrests are for DUI, or drugs, or what?


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