From the Calendar of City Council Transportation Chair James Vacca…

This piece of City Council scheduling hit the Streetsblog inbox on Friday and was too groan-inducing not to share:

The Pet Peeve Committee strikes again.

  • Voter

    Still no comment from Vacca on Dashane Santaa, the 12-year-old girl killed by a driver at the Williamsburg Bridge on Friday.

    But, hey, let’s make things easier for drivers who forget to pay parking tickets!

    How immoral and trivial can our City Council get?

  • Bolwerk

    In a democratic society, people like Vacca would be afraid of lynch mobs.

  • Glenn

    This is also embarassing for all those CMs I actually have respect for having their names listed as co-sponsoring all this crap legislation. The City Council should think big on policy or just focus on constituent services.

  • Pretty Vaccant

    If Deshane Santana had had a sticker affixed to her, or if she had gotten a ticket for parking 10 feet from a fire hydrant, Jimmy’d have been all over it.  Killed dead by an angry  minivan driver?  Not so much.  Though surely he feels for the van driver and the indignities he faces everyday, like having to move for alternate-side parking and paying 50 cents an hour at the meter.

  • Anonymous

    This would all be fine, if it were a day’s schedule for a new committee called the fucking parking committee.  He’s gotta go as transpo chair.

  • Cberthet

    LOVE the committee title…..

  • Cberthet

    So much more important than MTA budget that has been crossed out…..

  • Interesting Issue .. I am new to this website but will definitely check back later for more blogs of my interest


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