Today’s Headlines

  • 2nd Ave Sagas: Export SBS Successes to the Rest of the Bus Network
  • Shocker – Headlines About Confused Riders on First Day of New SBS Service (DNAinfo, Metro)
  • AAA: Traffic Crashes Cost NYC Region $30 Billion a Year (MTR)
  • MTA Experiment: Get More Track Work in By Shutting Lines Down Longer (NYT, NY1, 2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Lhota Makes Overture to Transit Unions on Day One (Transpo Nation)
  • Look Out, MTA Riders: State Budget Gaps Could Mean More Albany Transit Raids Ahead (NYT)
  • Everyone’s Talking About the Shelly Silver Bike Fall (City Room, Gothamist, NY Mag)
  • Albany and City Hall Lure Electric Truck Maker to the Bronx With $10M in Subsidies (News)
  • Vornado Additions to Port Authority Bus Terminal 100% Dead (NYT)
  • DEP Installs Four Stormwater-Catching Bioswales on Dean Street (Patch)
  • Hung Jury in Assault Case Against Man Who Punched Woman Over a Parking Spot (Post)
  • Robert Caro: Janette Sadik-Khan Is the Anti-Moses (Observer)

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  • Glenn

    I just figured out by looking back at my Metrocard purchases in 2011 that I’m almost $100 ahead by buying “pay as you go” cards versus Unlimited. Savings mostly due to days away from NYC, work from home and biking.

  • Larry Littlefield

    At some point, someone should sue the state for charging higher taxes downstate than upstate on the same incomes or sales — since the MTA taxes are just general revenues.

  • Note to Robert Caro: if you really like JSK write a biography of her. She’s transformed NYC more than anyone since Moses!

  • Larry Littlefield

    If the MTA can cut weekday service, how about ending the practice of paying massively extra for road work nights and weekends?  It was instituted by Pataki, but the added cost was deferred to younger generations.

  • fj

    Thailand’s DIY climate adaptation solutions: @grist

  • Jay

    God no, please, no more Caro biograph… er… historical fictions.

    There are too many people who can’t tell that he just makes up stuff to tell a good story!

  • fj

    Experts Debunk Polls that Claim Sharp Drop in Number of Americans Who Believe in Global Warming