Public Presentations on NYC Bike-Share Start Next Week

Photo-sim: NYC DOT

Next week, NYC DOT and Alta Bikeshare will begin what promises to be a detailed public outreach process to help plan the city’s new bike-share system. The schedule for the first community board presentations has been posted on the city’s bike-share timeline.

Planning the bike-share network will involve placing about 600 stations within a service area ranging from Bed Stuy to 79th Street. The meetings next week will give an overview of how bike-share will work in NYC and the process for deciding where stations should go. If you want to get involved in the public planning surrounding the most important green transportation initiative underway in the city, these presentations will be a good way to start.

Here are the details:

  • Tuesday, October 11 – 6:30 PM–8:30 PM
    Manhattan Comunity Board 2 Transportation Committee
    NYU Silver Building, 32 Waverly Place, Room 705
  • Wednesday, October 12 – 7:00 PM–9:00 PM
    Manhattan Comunity Board 6 Transportation Committee
    NYU Medical Center, 550 First Avenue, Alumni Hall B
  • Louise Q. Hainline

    Question: if I only get my news through free local newspapers I pick up at the Key Food or outside of Trader Joe’s and the information about these presentations isn’t in them, is it really fair to say that they are even happening? 

    As the president of a large cooperative building overlooking a once-grand and historic boulevard, I believe the DOT and Alta should come to me personally.  I would email my senator about this, but a certain website has made me scared to even touch my computer.

  • Philsiege

    it works in spain why not in manhattan

  • M. Markowitz

    Fuhgeddaboudit! New York is not Barcelona!

    [Of course, if the good people of Barcelona wanted to fly me (and Jamie!) over for a conference or to receive a key to the city or anything that would at least sound like something other than a total taxpayer-burdening boondoggle, I’d be there in a New York minute. And then I could go visit Bilbao and reminisce about how Brooklyn was going to get a Frank Gehry building instead of this rusty panini-pressy thing.]

  • Andrea Cuozzo

    Why is Mayor Bloomberg and his Psycho Bike Lady transportation commissioner dropping a bike-share system on my block without consulting anyone? Why hasn’t there been any public process for this bike-share system?

  • J

    Looks like they’ve already added a bunch more: Manhattan CB2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 as well as Brooklyn CB1. The website says that the Manhattan CB1 meeting already happened, but I think that’s just a mistake.

  • Andrew

    The one for Manhattan CB 1 was last night.

  • v3

    Woot! But weird that their photo-sim is at the Atlantic Center, a truly bike-unfriendly development. Though it’s a huge transit hub, Flatbush, 4th Ave, and Atlantic are all places I wouldn’t want a casual cyclist / tourist to have to bike.

  • ddartley

    Er, I just found out that tonight is NOT the CB6 presentation, after staying late at work so I could trek to NYU…

  • sorry. it was on the DOT timeline when I published that post.