Today’s Headlines

  • Somehow, Daily News Comes Away From Manhattan Bridge Ride and Equates Cyclists to Mack Trucks
  • 300 Outer-Borough Parking Spaces to Get Pay-By-Phone Pilot (PostNews)
  • Toll Hikes Driven By Threatened Downgrade Of Port Authority’s Growing Debt Load (WSJ)
  • City Council Forces DOT to Walk Back Staten Island Parking Lot Price Hike (SILive)
  • Community Board Asks DOT for Chelsea Bike Lanes, Local Businessman Complains (Post)
  • Bill Hammond: Cuomo’s Political Virtuosity Hasn’t Extended to Port Authority (News)
  • Kabuki? As Port Authority Hearings Start, Ward Stands Behind $4 Hikes, Govs Want Reduction (Post)
  • Eastern Queens Leaders Want Bus Service Restored, Feel Slighted by MTA (News)
  • Teen’s Leg Broken While Saving Woman From 125th Street Hit-and-Run Driver (DNAinfo)
  • Putting a Price on Parking: Midtown Lot Sells For $21 Million (WSJ)

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  • Bolwerk

    Cuomo is siding with Chris Christie against the people of New York City. We have only to gain from a higher toll, and New Jersey doesn’t exactly lose either.

  • IvoryJive

    Re: Eastern Queens Leaders Want Bus Service Restored, Feel Slighted by MTA

    Good catch on that one. The Weprin brothers, both in the council and the assembly, were two of the most vocal critics against congestion pricing. If the MTA had an extra $400 million in operating revenue right now they might not be in this situation.

  • Eric McClure

    The teenager who had his leg broken by the hit-and-run driver had “left the Windy City because he had been mugged at gunpoint recently and wanted to escape youth violence,” according to DNAinfo.  I guess no one warned him about NYC’s vehicular violence.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So the news finds that pedestrians on the bike side are far more common than bikes on the pedestrian side, and concludes that bicycles are the problem.  Of course those on bicycles have to be prepared to avoid hitting pedestrians, even if the pedestrians don’t have the right of way. Who said otherwise?

    Again, what problem?  Who complained?  They are making this whole thing up. What is their goal anyway?  A nasty appeal to tribalist thinking to sell papers, that’s what.

  • daphna

    About the DNAinfo article: it is terrible that a hit and run driver of a SUV hit a 16yr old boy breaking his right femur thus requiring a rod surgically implanted into his leg, and causing him to need stitches in his hip and four staples to in his head.

    About that stretch of West 125th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Avenue:  That is a long block.  It’s 25% longer than most blocks between avenues because it is on a diagonal.  It has no mid-block crosswalk and desperately needs one.  The apartment complex on the south side of 125th Street has several convenient north-south foot paths that lead to 125th Street, but once at 125th Street, not a single one of those foot paths is continued with a crosswalk across the street.  The north side of the street is where all the merchants are that pedestrians want to reach.  This street gets heavy pedestrian use.

    How can one go about getting a mid-block crosswalk installed?

  • Josef

    What about the NYT editorial defending the Gas Tax:

  • daphna

    About proposed toll hike on the Hudson River crossings that would raise the toll, which is only for cars entering NYC, by $4 from $8 to $12.

    NJ Transit riders in the last fare hike had off-peak fares go up 50% and peak fares go up 25%.  An off-peak rider who paid $8 before, now pays $12, and that rider pays that $4 increase in BOTH directions.  Peak NJ Transit riders, with their 25% increase in and out of NYC, are paying a similar percentage increase in fare to the toll proposed for drivers.  Off-peak NJ Transit riders are currently paying a fare increase that is DOUBLE what the proposed toll increase is for drivers.

    These extremely high (much higher percentage-wise than the proposed toll hikes) NJ Transit fare hikes went through with little fanfare, media or political attention.  The media and politicians cry foul if a driver will have to pay more, but are willing to sacrifice transit riders with little objection.  Drivers, who have a high cost on society in terms of pollution, injury, inefficient usage of public space, etc should be discouraged and riding transit should be encouraged.  The outcry over the NJ Transit fare hike versus the toll hikes should have been in reverse proportions.

  • m to the i

    Great comment Larry. And I would add that a cyclist has good reason to yeild to pedestrians, especially at “high speeds”, since the cyclist would likely get thrown off their bike and could be seriously injured.  Drivers of mack trucks, on the other hand, continually run people over and don’t even notice.

  • Hts Rez

    The corner of Amsterdam and 125th is a nightmare for pedestrians because 125th is the only arterial street that spans Manhattan for a mile and a half (125 to 96th.) 125 carries most of the Eastbound/crosstown traffic from the Triboro/RFK Bridge (airports, Grand Central etc.) The cars, trucks, buses and express buses coming from Queens and airports turn left on Amsterdam and Broadway directly into crossing pedestrians. It sucks for everyone.

  • Jeremy

    @f9b2cb395abd5a101456b3b0a40912e1:disqus I think the point being made, which I’m sure will not be welcome here – is that NYC cyclists, as vehicle operators, do not seem to take requisite responsibility for
    complying with pedestrian safety laws about where they should travel and when they should stop.  It’s not an unreasonable point – clearly cyclists are not as mindful of staying off sidewalks and complying with red lights as vehicle operators should be.  It’s always excused away by cycling advocates, but there’s a massive gulf between the ways cyclists comply with pedestrian-first rules and drivers do.  The *consequences* aren’t the same, but cyclists still owe pedestrians the right to cross a crosswalk without incursion, or to walk down a sidewalk without dodging an idiot on an e-bike.  Drivers are more mindful of that stuff.

  • That is the thing about negative generalizations. Their only point is self-gratification.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “I think the point being made, which I’m sure will not be welcome here – is that NYC cyclists, as vehicle operators, do not seem to take requisite responsibility for 
    complying with pedestrian safety laws about where they should travel and when they should stop.”
    That’s true of some cyclists, but the claim is that it is true in general.  And that’s not what I see, particularly not on the Manhattan Bridge.  I can only compare what they are saying with what I see riding six to eight hours or so per week. 


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