Eyes on the Street: NYPD Cruiser Rammed in Park Slope

Courtesy of reader Joanna Oltman Smith, this was the scene in Park Slope this morning, hours after a collision between a speeding driver and NYPD officers on Fifth Avenue between Sixth and Seventh Streets. Details from the Brooklyn Paper:

One witness said the car was doing at least 70 mph when it tore through the intersection of Sixth Street, smashing into an Impala before ricocheting into a police car that had paused in the middle of the street.

After the crash, the crazed driver, covered in white dust from the airbag, hopped out of the car and tried to stash a white plastic bag in front of Bar Reis, [Andrew] Lutes said. “His jaw was twitching, he looked out of his mind, he looked like the most unstable guy on earth,” said another witness, Cem Kurtulus.

The driver was arrested at the scene and the two officers in the cruiser were treated for minor injuries. Thankfully, no bystanders were reported hurt. Makes you wonder how much damage NYPD and other city property sustains thanks to reckless drivers.

  • Note the Class II bike lane on this street.

  • Pete

    So Patch is reporting that a *cop* was arrested for DWI in this accident.


  • Damned bike lanes!

  • Marty Barfowitz

    Damned bike lanes.

  • If they don’t take out that damned bike lane, someone is gonna get hurt!

    (Also, the guy’s big mistake was hitting the cruiser. If it had been a school bus or a random grandmother, I’ll bet the NYPD comment would be, “no criminality was suspected.”)

  • Moocow

    You don’t see that everyday, no one is parked in the bike lanes.

  • Marcia Kramer: Bought & Paid For

    “Why bike lanes are putting NYPD lives at risk. My exclusive here at Channel 2!”


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