Tonight: Learn All About Tearing Down the Sheridan

With a new administration at the state DOT, now is a critical moment for the fight to tear down the under-used Sheridan Expressway and turn the area into new housing, jobs, and public space. Tonight, bring your questions and ideas to a town hall hosted by the South Bronx River Watershed Alliance.

SBRWA will make a presentation about the state DOT’s two plans for the Sheridan and Hunts Point area, one of which would tear down the Sheridan and one of which would keep it in place. Afterward, participants will break into groups to discuss the details of each proposal.

The federal government gave the teardown option some momentum when it provided a $1.5 million TIGER II grant for the city to create an official land use plan for the area, something that could help make the state DOT realize the potential benefits of redeveloping the land now occupied by the Sheridan. Now local activists need to organize to push the teardown option over the finish line.

Tonight’s town hall will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the East Bronx Academy for the Future, 1716 Southern Blvd. Food and childcare will be available.

  • The Truth

    Will anyone who is skeptical of the teardown project, or has ideas about transit priority be welcome?

    Or would we be branded “anti-community” and lynched?

  • Pandabear

    With a name like ‘The Truth,’ I’m sure you’ll be the model of civility and openmindedness.

  • The Truth

    And the ad hominem begins already?

    Civility? You’ll never catch me chanting slogans to drown out comments by anyone who has a different opinion. You won’t hear me using labels to discredit somebody who disagrees with me. I have strong opinions, and I’m often willing to argue my point. I’ll also sit and patiently listen while others have their opportunity to speak. I’ll change my opinion too, if they make a compelling point.

    But if past experience is any indicator, this event will likely be a rally to show support, rather than a forum for honest discussion. I have attended too many meetings already to want to attend any more where even the most innocent question is attacked if it seems to depart from the pre-determined conclusions of the activists’ agenda.

    Thanks, but no thanks.

  • The sound you’ve just heard is the sound of people holding their breath for when they wouldn’t have to go to the hospital with acute asthma infections. What’s a scar on the city’s form means poor health and death for the people living in it.

    Tear it down. Like, yesterday.

  • norwoodcitizen

    I know tearing down the Sheridan is popular with a lot of people. Sometimes I think they’re overselling it, though.

    They keep saying it isn’t needed because nobody uses it. Then they say it’s going to make air quality a lot better. Huh? If nobody is driving on the Sheridan, there’s no problem with emissions, right?

  • The Truth

    Did anybody have a chance to attend? Were there any interesting points raised?


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