Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo SOTS Light on Specifics; No Mention of Transportation, MTA (Transpo Nation, NYT, GoGa, News)
  • Times: Gov Wise to Promise No “One-Time Fixes,” But Will He Safeguard Transit Funds?
  • Lawmakers — or Denny Farrell at Least — Abuzz With Privatization Talk (City Hall)
  • Jeff Klein, Diane Savino Break With Senate Dems to Form Independent Bloc (City Room, Daily Politics)
  • Latest City Council Absurdity: Shrinking Hydrant Zones; Times Careful to Work in Bike Lane Zinger
  • Dead Birds, Schmead Birds: Parking Meter Hike Portends End of Days (NY1)
  • Woman Killed After SUV Is Stuck in Snow on Hutchinson River Parkway (Post)
  • Miami Herald Schools City Press Corps on Street Safety Coverage
  • 2nd Ave Sagas Assesses ARC Fallout, Nassau County’s MTA Debt
  • Shocker: Gulf Oil Spill Precipitated by Gross Corporate Negligence, Lack of Oversight (NYT)

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  • The idea of painting red lines on the curb around hydrant zones is a great idea. That they have to couple it with shrinking the zone is typical City Council tomfoolery. (And that stupid bike lane quote in The Times was totally unnecessary.)

  • Cuomo on MTA: “If it’s broke, don’t fix (or even mention) it?”

  • Marty Barfowitz

    “It’s enough already,” said Michael Silverman, a retired executive, as he and his brown poodle, Penny, climbed into his S.U.V. on Amsterdam Avenue. “Have you noticed all the bike lanes? All of these lines everywhere. It gets to be too much.”

    Yeah, it’s enough already. All these lines on the street are inconveniencing me and my poodle when we try to drive around the Upper West Side in our SUV. Retired executives have feelings too.

  • Cue scary music: “Tonight, a CBS 2 Special Report: LINE LUNACY!”

  • Larry Littlefield

    Just remember, as a result of “citizen outrage” the Prospect Park West bike lane is still not cleared. So I am still riding on 8th Avenue, right where the opponents want me.

    Today an SUV came within a couple of inches of nailing my elbow with its mirror. And this time it wasn’t because I didn’t take the lane — I did so, and was huffing to keep up with traffic. He came from the other lane, trying to get around both me and the vehicle in front of him in his own lane.

    For the way home, anyone know if the Parks Department commited the outrage of clearning the bike and jogging lanes in Prospect Park?

  • Larry, I don’t know about the park loop, but I have asked Council Member’s Lander and Levin and Community Board Six to do what they can to spur the clearing of the bike path. It can’t hurt for others to contact them, as well.

    Last month’s City Council bike hearing was enough kowtowing to the “Neighbors for Better Bike Lanes,” I think.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Well, I’d show up to the City Council hearing on Monday to ask about it but I work during the day, and can’t afford to take a scarce day off to not be permitted to speak.

  • Zach

    To answer the question – as of at least new years eve and up through yesterday afternoon, prospect park’s pedestrian and bike lanes have been cleaner than any of the streets I ride to actually get there.

    Its made a nice haven from the filth and anger of the streets – but the joggers are enroaching on our lanes because there arnt many bikers right now.

  • Doug

    Marty, the poodle shares ownership in your SUV?

  • Yes, red lines should be standard at hydrants, as should green blue and white lines in their respective zones.


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