Today’s Headlines

  • Christie Will Go Ahead and Spend $1.25B in ARC Money on Roads (Bloomberg)
  • Jay Walder on the MTA’s Next-Gen Fare Payment System (2nd Ave Sagas)
  • Just How Green Is ZipCar Anyway? (TNAC)
  • NY State Will Lose a House Seat or Two, But the NYC Delegation Won’t Shrink (NYT)
  • Toronto’s New Light Rail-Hating Mayor: “The War on the Car Is Over” (Globe and Mail via Transpo Nation)
  • Bill Hammond Warns Albany Against Doing High-Speed Rail on the Cheap (News)
  • NYC Fire Deaths at All-Time Low, Even With All the Traffic-Calming Going On (Post)
  • Motorist Smashes Into Brooklyn Convenience Store, Sets Off the Peanut Gallery at Gerritsen Beach
  • Q&A With TransAlt’s Caroline Samponaro About NYC Media Coverage of Cycling (TheCityFix)
  • These Damned Cyclists Just Don’t Obey the Rules (Post)

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  • Larry Littlefield

    “The Assembly’s Wisniewski said he’ll ask lawmakers to review whether the turnpike is authorized to use toll money for projects unrelated to the highways it manages.” “In government,” he said, “you can’t do a bait and switch.”

    Unless they are in on it, as in the State of New York. And the 1983 deal to “Save Social Security.”

  • TKO

    Well we readers of this blog should be happy that the thieves are using bikes not cars.

    Goes well with this blogs ideas on biking, cars and the city.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “Well we readers of this blog should be happy that the thieves are using bikes not cars.”

    Except that the bikes were probably stolen, perhaps from one of the readers of this blog.

  • I think what the good gentleman from Toronto meant to say is that the war on the Mayor’s sizeable gut is over.

  • Just How Green is Zipcar Anyway? Not very, according to the article linked above, which lays out pretty middling evidence:

    Exhibit A, Zipcar is a for-profit company.

    Exhibit B, a conversation with someone named “Dave,” a former Zipcar user who got so addicted to the service that he stopped riding his bike, stopped using public transportation, and started pimping around town in a Zipcar BMW before (phew!) he quit the car sharing service “cold turkey.”

    I’m no apologist for Zipcar, but c’mon….

  • Kate

    Streetsblog– 40% of NJ’s Transportation Trust Fund goes to transit and the remaining 60% funds mostly road and bridge repair and maintenance along with some bike and pedestrian projects. In other words, if the ARC toll revenue is redirected there, it would be much better than spending it on the Turnpike’s capital program which includes two large road widenings (Parkway and Turnpike).
    – KS

  • bike haters will all be proven wrong

  • kapes

    NYS is right to due Upstate HSR on the cheap.
    Because Upstate NY’s small and medium sized cities will not have ridership levels to justify true HSR.

    Those 10s and yes, 100s of billions of dollars should be spent where there is a chance of high ridership and service levels – i.e. the NEC, California, Dallas-Houston and the Mid-West hub centered on Chicago.

    Upstate NY could certainly see some improvements, and consistent 90 MPH speeds without delays would be great. Adding tracks around bottle necks and some straightening would help – but true HSR (and its costs) just aren’t called for between Buffalo and Albany.

    This country needs both targeted, high level investment in true HSR and small, piecemeal improvements everywhere else.


Today’s Headlines

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