Today’s Headlines

  • Cuomo Defends Raiding Dedicated Transit Funds (Transpo Nation)
  • City Will Remove Father Cap Bike Lane, Replace It With Bus Lane and Parking (Advance)
  • The New Ravitch Plan: Toll Everything, Create Special Tax Districts for Mega-Projects (Times Union)
  • Editorial Boards Love the Secaucus 7 Concept (NYT, News)
  • … And So Do Big-Time West Side Developers (Crain’sWSJ)
  • … But the Feds Won’t Fund NJ 7 Extension and the MTA Has Other Priorities (News)
  • Michael Daly’s Response: Take the PATH, Make New Jersey Jokes (News)
  • The Journal Lays Out the Transit Funding Crisis, Then Calls Out Cuomo For Waffling (1, 2)
  • The Post‘s Sources Have Nothing But Good Things to Say About Pop-up Cafes
  • Cities Keep Outpacing State as Kingston, NY Passes Aggressive Complete Streets Policy (MTR)
  • New Ped Bridge Planned to Connect Brooklyn Heights to Brooklyn Bridge Park (Post)

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  • Pete

    I know there are more important things going on….but i’m sure this is a headline if there ever was one

  • Larry Littlefield

    In the WSJ, “Cuomo’s Transit Issues.”

    “At the same time, the state’s dire financial situation means it must implement better long-term transportation planning, focus on only the most essential projects and ultimately, “do less with less,” Mr. Ravitch writes.”

    Want a seat at the table? Then note what Ravitch and the rest do not say.”

    WHY? WHY! Why do the people of New York have to accept less with less, given taxes that are more, the highest state and local tax revenues as a share of income anywhere? With the mildest recession in terms of job loss here since the 1950s, and transit ridership at a sky-high level compared with most of the past 60 years?

    Those who made the decisions for 15 years never find it necessary to explain what those decisions where, and who benefitted. No one asks the question, and ties it to who should sacrifice now, either.

  • Pete,

    That’s a big one. It’s in the stack now.

  • Edit boards love the 7 line extension… because they’re both on the 7 line!

  • Larry Littlefield

    More city layoffs.

    Unless the city’s total revenues are going down, I hope they won’t be cutting services. Unless they are prepared to say why we have to accept less for more.

  • chris

    Actually happy that they removed the bike land from Fr. Cappodonno boulevard.

    That was done with minimal community input, and Staten Island will benefit a hell of a lot more from an express bus to the Ferry rather than a bike lane for suburban Staten Island.

    This is an example of when ideology is correctly displaced by reality – a place a lot of bike advocates are severely divorced from.

  • jsd


    I totally agree. Also, there is a physically separated, scenic, and well maintained bike lane next to the boardwalk along Midland and South Beach running all the way to Fort Wadsworth. The bike lane along Father Cap was empty the vast majority of the time, went no where in particular, and functioned as a de facto express bus route. This was a good call. Empty, badly maintained bike lanes do not serve the movement to increase cycling. They only make it looks as if no one cycles.

    Now, traffic calming. That is something sorely needed on Father Capodanno.

  • The article does not actually say that the Feds won’t fund the 7 extension to Secaucus. It says the Feds won’t use the money that was allocated to ACR to fund the 7 extension. That money is going elsewhere, but and they will have to put together some new funding package for the 7 extension. About the chances of putting together that new package, the article says:

    Mayor Bloomberg sounded optimistic. “It’s very early…but we’re certainly talking to Gov. Christie’s office, to Gov.-elect Cuomo’s office, to the MTA, to Ray LaHood and his people,” Bloomberg said.

    Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli said he was on board even if he wasn’t consulted. “I was surprised to hear it on the news,” Gonnelli said. “They never asked us.”

  • Larry Littlefield

    If Bloomberg proposes stopping contruction on East Side Access or the Second Avenue Subway, it will be interesting to see who values mass transit less — people in New Jersey or those in New York.

    I’m still waiting for the Port Authority to build an Airport Access improvement to LaGuardia in exchange for the $1 surcharge it levies on every ticket there.

  • Rep. Inglis attacks GOP on climate change

    “We’re on the record . . . . There are important decisions to be made.”

  • Adam

    The Michael Daly article made my head hurt. Every line was refutable dribble.


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