Today’s Headlines

  • Budget Shortfall Could Mean Another Albany Raid of MTA Revenue (AP)
  • Marcia Kramer: Safe Streets for Seniors Creating “Cement Chaos” (CBS 2)
  • Post-Campaign, Will Cuomo Pull Together a Transit Plan? (Capital NY)
  • Taxi Drivers Ask TLC for 19 Percent Fare Hike (NewsPost)
  • Without Better NE Corridor Rail, Delays Plague NYC Airports (NYT)
  • After Child Killed By Bus, Manhattan Beach Removes Planters From Oriental Blvd (News)
  • Ydanis Rodriguez and 15 Co-Sponsors Want To Tweak Alternate Side Parking (Transpo Nation)
  • Budget Cuts Mean No Security Boost at MTA Bridges and Tunnels After Yemen Bombs Found (News)
  • NYC Marathon Frustrates Harlem Parkers and Prayers (NYT)
  • Vandals Smash Windows of Park Slope SUVs and Mini-Vans, Bklyn Paper Commenters Suspect Cyclists

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  • Glenn

    This link between churches and free unenforced double parking has to stop. Churches to a LOT of good work, as do many non-profits and individuals. However, the reward for good works is intrinstic self-fulfillment, not the right to obstruct the roads and make them dangerous to others.

    It’s even selfish to other members of the same or other churches that have to walk on streets made more dangerous by the double parkers.

    If Harlem doesn’t want the Marathon, we could just have it end in Van Cortland park. I’m sure the Bronx would love the extra business.

  • Re: the Brooklyn Paper article about broken windows on PPW —

    I don’t know what comments you see blaming cyclists for the vandalism, but as of 10 a.m. on Friday I count 8 comments, only one of which accuses cyclists, albeit in an offhand yet violent manner: “hope a biker gets run down or doored……”

    That psychotic comment aside, it doesn’t look like people are flooding the Bklyn Paper message board accusing bikers.

  • Apple Gets into Mass Transit…

  • Apparently kind of off the transportation topic but . . .

    Bloomberg Addresses Climate Conference In Hong Kong

  • It’s the cement, it’s the planters, it’s the alternate-side parking rules, it’s the marathon. Everything but the cars.

  • vnm

    Glenn, unfortunately, since I too think the Bronx would benefit from hosting more of the route, I am told by runners that the marathon route can never be changed. In order to be able to compare race times from one race to the next over time, you have to have the same route. Even though it’s the same distance, apparently in the sport of marathon running it makes a big difference what the route is. Thus, the route that we have is the route we’ll always have.

  • StreetsblogNet Streetsblog Network
    European countries pioneer warning labels on cars thanks for the heads up @copenhagenize

  • NYCMayorsOffice

    A courtesy visit with Mayor Xu Qin of Shenzhen, China

  • I just don’t get this double parking or church parking that seems to happen in Brooklyn. Here in the Village if you leave your car on the wrong side of the street, or double park, nobody gives you a pass because you might be in church, or calls you on a cell phone asking you to move your car. You get a ticket or worse, get towed. Park in front of a church and you probably get towed twice as fast. So why is illegal parking treated any differently in Brooklyn or whatever councilmanic district Ydanis Rodriguez represents? Are we not one city?

  • Miriam

    Oh I wish the city would do something about the zoo the roads at the the queens center mall have become. They expanded this mall a few years back, but I see nothing they did to improve the traffic flow and make it safer for pedestrian shoppers as well.

    The Long island malls have lots of shoppers who drive, but few pedestrians to contend with. This mall has the worst of both worlds (city and suburb)-lots of drivers AND lots of pedestrians. It seems there was little thought to accommodating both safely and efficiently. Instead, both cars and pedestrians were left on their own to maneuver around each other and compete haphazardly to get to this badly planned super busy mall.

  • J:Lai

    vnm –
    The marathon route has changed several times during its history. It can be changed, but a major change like extending it all the way up through the Bronx to Van Cortlandt would take a lot of work to plan the street closures, etc. Also, it would be much less convenient for most participants to end there instead of in Central Park (1 train on a sunday back to Manhattan?)

  • SUV window story:

    You know who has the best motive in the vandalism spree?

    “Joe Guerrieri, who has repaired at least 18 vehicles since yesterday.”

    Get on that scooby doo.

  • Bolwerk

    So, Cuomo wants the HSR money those square states out west didn’t want.


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