Today’s Headlines

  • Republicans, Skelos Poised to Retake Control of State Senate (NYT, News)
  • Weiner: Transit Funding Could Be an Early Casualty Under Speaker Boehner (News)
  • Cuomo Already Preparing His Government-in-Waiting (Post, City Room)
  • MTR, RPA Survey the Transpo Landscape After Election Day
  • Livery Car Congestion Makes for Dangerous Bus Drop-Offs at Queens Center Mall (NY1)
  • You Can Vote on How to Spend $7M for Greenpoint Waterfront Improvements (Bklyn Paper)
  • Roberta Gratz Is Moving From Landmarks Commission to Mayor’s Sustainability Panel (City Room)
  • Tony Avella Is Back on the Scene After Taking Out Frank Padavan for Queens State Senate Seat (NY1)
  • Things Could Be Worse; This Guy Could Be Your Mayor (Ebert)
  • David Byrne Discovers That Getting a Parking Perk Is a Piece of Cake (Gothamist)

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  • Glenn

    The Democratic members of the Senate earned their new minority status by not only acting like children, but offering no substantive policy achievement in the last term. They didn’t stand together to achieve anything and now they fall.

    Cuomo should start thinking big in transforming the process of the state government starting with re-districting reform, early voting, same-day registration, maybe even non-partisan elections, etc. That would actually all help what seems to be his big fight he wants to pick – breaking the power of entrenched special interests over Albany.

    And there’s probably a good bi-partisan group that would be into breaking the power of the various authorities around the state, including the MTA.

  • Why is it that everyone knows that livery cabs pick up street fairs all the time and everyone knows that they aren’t supposed to be, but no ever does anything or even says they will do anything? In fact the TLC does things that make it easier for them to make illegal pick ups and they don’t beat around the bush when they talk about it either.

  • Larry Littlefield

    So Weiner claims that as a result of the Republicans taking Congress, we will lose the additional transit $billions he promised would appear due to a gas tax increase if the city did not enact congestion parking?

    How convenient.

  • BicyclesOnly


    You said it. In 5 years of commuting on the UWS, I have only once seen a sting operation (at 78th and WEA) where plainclothes cops hailed liveries who were then busted when they stopped. Yet he problem is apparent and enormous. The liveries ride slowly in the right lane, honking at every pedestrian to solicit them as fares. They pull in and pull out from the parking lane or curb often without signaling or checking to see if anyone is behind them. And then there’s the classic llegal U-turn thru the red light. Makes cycling around them unsafe and unpleasant. But so many folks use them interchangeably with cabs that I doubt there’s much popular support for more enforcement.

  • Bolwerk

    Weiner is almost as hostile to the interests of New York as Boehner and the Republikans.

    Yet, says The Daily News:

    There is a silver lining. The state is likely to get an anti-terrorism advocate in Rep. Pete King (R-L.I.), who stands to regain the chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee.

    It’s frightening that a raging crypto-fascist with possible links to a known terrorist organization gets that committee, of all things.

  • Car Free Nation

    Over here in Brooklyn, where there are not enough yellow cabs, the livery cabs are the only game in town if you suddenly need a cab (because of rain or large purchase). The fact that they are picking up passengers is certainly preferable to worrying that you can’t get a cab in such a situation, and then resorting to driving your own vehicle.

  • Livery cabs cost a $7 minimum in Washington Heights. If all the cabs were grounded, the buses would run more efficiently and provide the same level of service as the cabs do for $2.25 a passenger.

  • To second Car Free Nation’s comment, we would have no on-street cab service in Washington Heights and Inwood if it were not for the livery cabs. In areas generally not served (or underserved) by yellow cabs they perform an essential service.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Another Gen Y doesn’t want cars article.

    But after mass transit is destroyed by debts and pensions older generatiosn ran up, and they find they are being taxed for other people’s cars, perhaps they’ll change their mind.

  • BicyclesOnly

    Maybe the answer (Commish Yassky, are you listening?) is to legalize liveries who pick up hailing passengers in some areas underserved by yellow cabs, but prevent them from doing so with failry severe penalities in areas already saturated with cabs, like UWS, UES, and points south in Manhattan. This would only result in a change in status quo in the saturated areas, one which the yellow cab indsutry should welcome.

  • gray fisher

    I agree that livery cabs provide an important service in many neighborhoods but jonathan makes a good point, I think we could find a way to be better off without them or most yellow cabs as well.

    I think we have made them a necessity but it doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Bolwerk

    They won’t be able to afford to maintain expensive highway infrastructure either, Larry.

  • Larry Littlefield

    “They won’t be able to afford to maintain expensive highway infrastructure either, Larry.”

    The streets we ride on may deteriorate first. Another argument for separated bike lanes — better pavement conditions due to less wear and tear from motor vehicles.

  • Kaja

    > It’s frightening that a raging crypto-fascist with possible links to a known terrorist organization gets that committee, of all things.

    Anyone who’d be on “a homeland security committee” is an overt fascist.

  • Even though cycling advocacy has nothing to do with climate change this tweet might be of interest:

    CalBike CA Bicycle Coalition
    by vabike
    How bicycling advocates can help craft comprehensive Climate Action Plans Excellent resource! RT @bikepedSCAG

  • AltTransport
    Did Democrats lose because of their stand on climate change?…

  • Any ideas why we can’t get car-free Prospect and Central Parks?

  • J.J. Hunsecker

    @Bolwerk I’m no great fan of Weiner and King is downright frightening, but calling him a crypto-fascist tied to terrorism without any proof doesn’t enhance your credibility.

  • Miriam

    Oh I wish the city would do something about the zoo the roads at the the queens center mall have become. They expanded this mall a few years back, but I see nothing they did to improve the traffic flow and make it safer for pedestrian shoppers as well.

    The Long island malls have lots of shoppers who drive, but few pedestrians to contend with. This mall has the worst of both worlds (city and suburb)-lots of drivers AND lots of pedestrians. It seems there was little thought to accommodating both safely and efficiently. Instead, both cars and pedestrians were left on their own to maneuver around each other and compete haphazardly to get to this badly planned super busy mall.


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