Eyes Under the Bridge: 138th Street Bridge Engulfed in Smoke

A fire under the 138th Street Bridge has stopped all Metro-North service in or out of Manhattan. Photo: Gothamist.

Metro-North service in and out of Manhattan is suspended due to a large fire under the 138th Street Bridge, on the Manhattan side. According to NY1, the sound of an explosion was heard before the fire started, but no train cars were involved in the fire. A photo on Gothamist shows that the huge plumes of smoke are easily visible from Midtown, four miles away. It is not yet clear when Metro-North service will be reinstated.

Update: The bridge has been reopened and trains are running into Grand Central, reports Second Avenue Sagas. Rush hour plans remain to be determined.

  • Erik G.

    Of course since the NYCMTA Metro-North Maps don’t show the NYCMTA Subway nor do the Subway Maps show M-N, clever passengers who find themselves on a M-N train at a station in the Bronx, or Subway users who know how to get to the Bronx, have no ability to see if a connection there is possible!

    Why can these two fiefdoms never ever work together?!?

  • Thanks for the heads-up.

    A whole lot of MTA equipment seems to be on fire lately. Maybe we could forgo expanding the BQE and fix the trains? Just throwing some ideas out there.

  • Tralfaz

    Looks certain service over the bridge is out rest of today as they are urging people to catch northbound service out of Yankee Stadium by taking the subway there.

  • So much for building redundancies in case of disaster. Youd think there’d be a 2nd bridge nearby just in case.


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