This Week: BQE, Obesity, Columbus Circle Subway Station

The calendar has an interesting week in store. Unfortunately most of the good stuff is clustered on the same day.

Keep an eye on the calendar for updated listings. Got an event we should know about? Drop us a line.

  • Jeffrey Hymen

    Isn’t the BQE stakeholders meeting by invitation? That is, don’t the stakeholders represent specific, pre-determined organizations and institutions?

  • its an ongoing open invitation, and if you’ve got an interest in the BQE mega project… then this is your place to discuss it.

  • And not everything is Wednesday… the TA Bk committee invites everyone to their meeting on Thrusday, 7pm at LICH.

  • Obesity isn’t just a question of how streets are laid out. There isn’t any obvious difference between the street layout of Harlem and that of the Upper East Side, and yet the two neighborhoods have dramatically different obesity rates. Fighting obesity is about not just being able to walk, but also having full-service supermarkets selling fresh fruit and vegetables to walk to. It’s about making sure that there’s affordable food in low-income neighborhoods that isn’t McDonald’s.

    By the way, Wednesday the 27th is also when the Regional Rail Working Group is going to meet and discuss why ARC sucks and other good-transit issues.


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