Port Authority Work Puts GWB Sidewalks on Shifts

Streetsblog has gotten word that, due to Port Authority construction and maintenance work, the north and south sidewalks of the George Washington Bridge will be closing intermittently until further notice.

According to a spokesperson, the authority plans to have the paths open on an alternating basis. Updates are posted on the PA website, and are also available by signing up for cyclist and pedestrian email and mobile alerts.

  • James

    Hasn’t it been like this for some time? When I head to the GW to get across the river and over to Route 9W, I never know which path to take. It’s always a crapshoot and the Port Authority is terrible about making it clear which side is to be used at a given point in time. I’ve arrived at the north side path only to find the gate locked with a sign reading “North Walk Open”. Go figure.

  • The view from up there is awesome.

  • When will 24-hour access for pedestrians and bicyclists to the George Washington Bridge be restored? The post-9/11 restrictions are nonsensical: how does preventing pedestrians and bicyclists–but not people driving cars–from using the bridge after midnight curb terrorism? Terrorists can learn how to drive just as well as anyone else.

  • CH

    This has been going on for some time and the PANYNJ is actually rather good at providing notice. You have to check the website. Once in a blue moon the website gets it wrong but usually there is notice and closures happen week by week more than day by day.


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