Bike-Share Hero: Montreal’s Solar-Powered “Bixi” System

Via the Bike-Sharing Blog, this vid shows a modular bike-share station getting set up in what must be record time. It’s part of a trial system in Montreal called Bixi (contraction of "bike" and "taxi," rhymes with pixie), which launched last month and is set to ramp up with 2,400 bikes next April. Bike-Sharing Blog’s Paul DeMaio explains what sets Bixi apart:

One of the finer aspects of Bixi
is how easily its stations can be assembled. There is no demolition of
concrete or asphalt for the undergrounding of wires nor the need for an
electrical hook-up as Bixi is solar-powered.

Another great thing about this video: The soundtrack combo of 70s-style guitar riffs and Pomp and Circumstance.

  • Bob

    Very nice to see them hitting the streets!

    (I can tell you that the music that starts the video off – not the pomp and circumstance bit – is by DJ Champion, a montreal genius.)

  • I hope the easy to assemble doesn’t also mean easy to destroy. Bike sharing systems can feel wear and tear. The stations in Paris are generally (of the 20 or so I saw this weekend) in good condition but some of the bikes are missing parts (one was missing its chani). I wish Montreal the best… while in Paris I had to explain to many tourists how it worked and it has saved many people from expensive taxi fees when they miss the last Metro.

  • Anonymous

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