Gasoline-Starved Atlantans Twitter for Gallons


  • The same thing’s happening in Charlotte, where they’re using the Twitter tag #cltgas:

    The Charlotte Observer is tracking the reports via Google maps:

    And things have gotten so bad that the Charlotte mayor (a big transit supporter!) had to cancel events in his campaign for governor and head back to the city (well, there’s also that Wachovia sale to worry about):

  • Jaywalker

    I’ll take the overcrowded Lex over this ANY DAY!

  • You know, if there were a few people down there who had really big cars, then people who are going the same direction could meet up at a particular point and one of those people could give them a ride. Maybe they could even pay the owners of the cars for some of the gas. It would use a lot less gas than everyone going in their own cars.

  • Byron

    I feel fortunate that as a daily Atlanta cyclist, I didn’t even realize there was a gas shortage until I saw it on the news. There has been a lot less traffic on the streets this week and the weather is getting very pleasant, so it’s a good time to be on a bike.

  • Cap’n, what kinda hippie commie idea is that!?!?!?

    You want ME to share space with someone else? Someone I don’t even know?!?? I don’t work hard every day to have to sit next to some stranger and, God forbid, actually be polite and possibly have a conversation. Just leave me alone and let me isolate myself in my wasteful car. Yes, wasteful. I’m successful, God damn it, and I can afford it so who are you to tell me what to do?? The only thing I don’t like about my car is that I can’t drive it directly to my office. There is a chance that, between parking and sitting down at my desk, I may encounter a member of the unwashed pedestrian underclass. Or even worse, a cyclist. I’m sure you wouldn’t want someone of my stature to suffer such an indignity. You should think about these things before promoting your un-American ideas.

  • Peter

    I get that at Taco places.

  • From the Charlotte Observer story:

    “To have to park my truck and walk, it’s almost disrespectful,” Sharpe said.

  • the decline and fall…

  • “To have to park my truck and walk, it’s almost disrespectful.”

    God, that’s depressing. We really are just going to stick our heads in the sand and refuse to acknowledge that things might be changing in regards to free and easy motoring.


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