Garage Company to Charge Lower Rate for Smaller Cars

smart_car.jpgHere’s a proposition for Meyers Parking, the company that recently decided to give Smart Cars discount rates to park in its New York garages:

If it makes sense to charge half as much for a vehicle that takes up half the size of a normal car, how about, say, a 90 percent discount for a bicycle?

Photo: Auto Blog

  • Andy B from Jersey

    So whats TA’s or SB’s opinion on this??

    While the Smart is much better in many respects than the typical behemoths the ply the streets of NYC it is still, nonetheless a car in a city that doesn’t need more cars or even requires car ownership for daily life.

    Better, maybe but still not what many people would say is the best way to live in a city. I’m very curious to here what either party has to say.

  • I used to have a Rav4. Most parking garages charged me the extra “SUV” rate. My vehicle was smaller than a regular taxi.

  • gecko

    From what I understand the potential profit for bike parking is higher than for cars. Just, the number of cyclists is not near high enough; there’s no real market yet.

    Bloomberg seems serious about addressing climate change and there should be a major push to get as close to 40% daily cycling (like Amsterdam and Copenhagen) in this city within a year’s time to be the world’s premiere cycling city. He as an individual has to start to really engage the people of this city to make it happen; much more than he as ever done before. It would be extraodinary!

    This is the first really big thing that this city can do to start seriously mitigating climate change and there is a clear indication that the city will benefit tremendously financially from tourism and the light industry to support this initiative. And, other business will prosper also, probably even motion pictures with NYC as a giant prophouse and set and endless resource of talent. Local citizens will have a lot more disposable income and mobility. The quality of life will go way up as well real estate values. It will also provide much better transportation to people who do not live in high rent districts providing even more gains.

    It could also greatly reduce the cost of doing business in New York.

    Giving Sadik-Khan the resources (which are miniscule compared to ongoing legacy transit support) and go-ahead to do this will really turn a lot of heads and show that Bloomberg is really serious and set the bar for real change. It’s obvious Sadik-Khan has the skills to do this. She should just get as much help as she can get because it is a huge task but with a huge potential benefit.

    This will be the first place in the world for serious negative VMT transit system (netting out VMTs) to start the changeover to a world based on truely sustainable transportation.

    Paris has 20,600 bikes to support 2 million people. Scaling similarly, New York should have 80,000 bikes though, the town is probably a bit more intense so demand could be higher.

    Yes, it’s always best to look before you leap. Bloomberg, Sadik-Khan have done that and it’s obvious the leap is not down; it can only be up!


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