Nets Look to Lure Fans With Free Gas


Given the New Jersey Nets’ lackluster season (34-48 record, no playoff berth), the franchise is taking a page from another under-performer to unload tickets for next year. That’s right: buy 2008-2009 season tickets and the Nets will return 10 percent of the cost in the form of "free" gas, which fans will presumably burn up on the way to all those home games. ‘Cause with the Nets, it’s not about winning or losing, or even how you play. It’s about the free gas.

This promotion brought to you by the would-be savior of Brooklyn.

  • Lure fans with free gas and sex, that is–check out the picture. I don’t know who disgusts me more, the marketers who thought this up or the target demographic.

  • uSkyscraper

    I think this addresses the earlier post about why politicians are not talking about transit. People can only respond to what is 6″ in front of their face, and at the moment that is their gas costs at the pump. Hence the truly bizarre association of watching a sports team and… lowering your gas bill.

  • Good point, BO. If you go to the Nets page, after a couple of minutes a little window pops up asking if you want to “chat” with a Nets sales rep, depicted as an attractive brunette.

    I hope all those tickets I bought will be worth it.

  • Spud Spudly

    They need the free gas you know, because it’s not like the new arena will be convenient to public transportation or anything.

  • Interesting

    I find it interesting the the Prudential Center, with it’s car-loving New Jersey fans, was able to convince nearly 50% of all attendees to use transit. That’s better than the transit split at MSG. They did this by getting NJ Transit, PATH, and the city of Newark involved early and by heavily promoting transit. Any PATH train that you get on has a NJ Devils ad on it. The arena itself has a giant monitor that lists the times of departing trains to various destinations, to put fans at ease about their train home. The parking operators who geared up for the opening are furious as $20/space surface lots remain empty.

    While the arena is still years away, this is a clear example of a first step in the wrong direction. They have lots of time to correct this, and there is enormous potential for much higher than 50% transit splits for the Brooklyn arena.

  • sublicon

    I love the Nets, never got out to a single game this season. Can’t justify the ticket price for such mediocrity. I hope they step it up next year, they are better off without Jason Kidd, methinks. Way better way to ring in the Devin Harris than with free gas??

  • Microsoft are offering a $40 fuel voucher (in Australia, at least) when you buy MS Office Home Edition. Fuel vouchers must be more attractive than cash back offers.

  • Jonathan

    Brilliant. It’s like they are not only offering smoking sections, but a discount on cigarettes as well.

  • JM

    This is ridiculous…everyone’s giving away free gas these days, but it really isn’t helping the problem. The only thing that will help us in the long run on our side is decreasing demand, not diverting more money to it. But, still, look at what we’ve come to.


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