The Stupidest Bike Lane in America, Part 2

Last month, Slate Magazine’s SlateV asked viewers to submit entries for the "stupidest bike lane in America." Responses poured in — many from outside the U.S. — and the honor went to a lane in Silver Spring, Maryland, which is so useless that the markings were removed before the Slate crew got to it.


  • pete rock

    that path in silver spring doesn’t look half bad. looks like a very low traffic route, even remotely bike boulevardish. if “stupid” means dangerous, this ain’t it

  • Andy B from Jersey

    If you want to have retrograde bike movement on a quiet one-way street, there shouldn’t be parking on the cyclists right side of the street as pictured in the video.

    However the design to enter this street was poorly thought out and really could have caused some head on collisions. Otherwise I’m impressed that Silver Spring, Maryland had the guts to try such a radical (by US standards) idea of two-way bike traffic on a quiet one-way street.

  • PayingItNow

    I nominate the ones on Ft. Washington Ave in upper Manhattan. They’re directly in the door zone, on a bus route, and double parked end to end. They hit the trifecta of inappropriate site, design, and enforcement

  • Wow. What’s most impressive is how many stupid bike lanes there are. Seriously. How hard is it?

    Dagny McKinley
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  • there is actually a useful exception in the video, at 0:56 .

    This lane prevents motorists coming from a one-way-except-bikes street to turn right from the right side, so cyclists can safely enter it. Further on, riders/drivers can already easily see each other.

    A bike facility does not have to be long or huge to be useful, 3 meters of bike lane is huge if it saves you from 3 km of detour and/or an accident.