Streetfilms: A Look at Bus Rapid Transit in L.A.

Nick Whitaker files this first in a series of Streetfilms on transportation for Streetsblog Los Angeles. Here, we hear from LA City Council Member Wendy Greuel, Director of LA County Regional Transit Planning Rex Gephardt, and Executive Director of the Transit Coalition, Bart Reed, on how the city’s burgeoning Bus Rapid Transit system can be a stepping stone to expanding future transportation choices.

Don’t forget Tuesday’s BRT event at the Bronx Botanical Garden, where DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan will be joined by international experts in discussing the benefits of Bus Rapid Transit throughout the boroughs.

  • Shemp

    Film is an OK intro but ducks the history of rail vs. bus advocacy conflict that has characterized L.A. transit politics for past 15 yrs or so.

  • Transit Planner

    The guy spouting the anti-rail nonsense about ridership is full of it. Minneapolis, Salt Lake, Denver, Portland, and now Charlotte have all come in far above their Federal Transit Administration forecasts for ridership.

    There are no BRT lines in Los Angeles. They have given some buses moderate priority features, but no grade-separated running ways, which is what truly speeds up buses.

    In North America, Pittsburgh and Ottawa have bus-only transitways. These are legitimate BRT operations. Everything in LA so far is a half-measure.

    The Orange Line B”R”T crosses streets at 10 mph because they were too cheap to put up crossing gates.

    Read here for more details:

  • Michael1

    Did you see that the bicycles have their own turn bay? in Los Angeles! What in the world.


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