Today’s Headlines

  • Commission Considers Tolling All Bridges, Cab Surcharge (News, Post, Sun)
  • PlaNYC an Echo of John V. Lindsay’s ‘Overweaning Ambition’ (R’dale Press)
  • Hudson Yards Group Finds Proposals Lacking (Rail Yards Blog)
  • Times Doesn’t Know New York Has Bike Boxes (NYT
  • No BRT for Nostrand Ave? (Bklyn Junction via Second Ave Sagas)
  • Critics of Bus Route Change Cite Hemmerdinger Family Tie (News
  • Three City Buses Involved in Two Crashes at Same Intersection (NY1
  • Couple Double-Parks for Wife’s Dialysis, Gets $115 Ticket (News
  • UK Panel Seeks to Soften Penalties for Drivers Who Kill (Guardian)
  • Thom Yorke and David Byrne Discuss Impact of Touring (Grist)
  • India Succumbing to Cars; Tata, Ford Licking Chops (I’m Seeing Green)
  • Man’s Death in Sydney Suburb Goes Unnoticed for a Year (NYT)
  • steely

    Couple Double-Parks for Wife’s Dialysis, Gets $115 Ticket

    the real injustice is that the curb is so saturated that people are so often _forced_ to double park. the solution, of course, is to set the price of curbside parking at a rate that yields some vacancy.

  • Jonathan

    If parking is such a problem in front of the clinic (1435 86th Street, if you’re wondering), why don’t the patients ask the clinic to operate a shuttle bus?

  • ddartley

    Bike boxes:
    When I saw them in the UK in 2005, they were much more noticeable. The material (concrete? asphalt?) itself was red (not painted on), and I think they had a white border.

  • Larry Littlefield

    (the real injustice is that the curb is so saturated that people are so often _forced_ to double park. the solution, of course, is to set the price of curbside parking at a rate that yields some vacancy.)

    Exactly. Higher parking charges cost commuters who use “free” parking all day or feed cheap meters, but benefit people like this.

  • Clarence Eckerson

    If you haven’t everyone needs to watch Dr. Shoup explain it all on StreetFilms with matchbox cars:

  • Ryan

    Couple Double-Parks for Wife’s Dialysis, Gets $115 Ticket

    Let’s suspend overt compassion here for a moment… and play devil’s advocate.

    So, it is still illegal to double park then, right?

    Then why is the Daily News painting us such a sob story? (This is a rhetorical question of course, Daily News is tabloid trash)

    Let’s hope the ambulance she’s in is never blocked in by a double parker in case of a REAL emergency.

    And forgive me, but — god help them if they ever get stuck in traffic, those precious few minutes could kill her! (Not really)

    They can’t afford a cab? Putting around in a car in Bay Ridge, I doubt it. If she’s blind and needs regular medical treatments she probably qualifies for Access-A-Ride.

    Well, I hope their ticket is dismissed. But this certainly can’t be the first time this has happened, what are they going to do to fix it? Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  • vnm

    Re Critics of Bus Route Change Cite Hemmerdinger Family Tie

    I love this quote: “Locals worry the new routes will take away parking spaces and increase noise, traffic and pollution.”

    They want to have parking spaces AND no traffic!

    Malls are typically surrounded by acres of vast devoid asphalt-filled dead spaces used for parking. Here in NY we have the option of multimodalism to reduce some of that waste. Except that the neighbors don’t want it!

    Most likely, the bus service would reduce traffic by providing an alternative for all the people who are currently driving to the mall. Removing the parking spaces will also help reduce traffic. It’s amazing that people fail to connect the dots on stuff like this.

  • Jonathan

    Breaking news, the Iannicellis’ ticket was upheld by the judge. Get with Councilman Gentile to contribute to their defense fund.


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