Today’s Headlines

  • Fingers Point as Traffic Plan Runs Aground (NYT)
  • Congestion Pricing Still Alive, Barely (News)
  • Resigned Mayor Turns His Eye to New Issues (Sun
  • Mayor Blames Albany Inaction for Traffic Plan Gridlock (NY1)
  • 30+ Years of Trying, Still the Politics of Pricing is Impossible (Streetsblog)
  • Sewell Chan has Yesterday’s Blow-by-Blow (City Room
  • Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith Defends Intransigence (Daily Politics
  • Supposed Defender of Mom & Pop Business Gloats Over Plan’s Demise (Lipsky
  • Brodsky Trashing Congestion Pricing on Brian Lehrer… Again (WNYC
  • Revolving Door: Consultants Work for Developer and the ESDC (AY Report
  • Study Recommends Overhaul for Empire State Development Corp (Sun)
  • Road Raging Driver Murders Young Cyclist (
  • Six Years Later: Dick Cheney’s Energy Taskforce Revealed (Wash Post)
  • nobody

    Forget Lipsky, he has no legitimacy, and no integrity. He does not represent small business.

  • Niban

    “Silver said he thought a deal had been reached at 2 a.m. yesterday. A source close to the speaker said the mayor nixed the handshake agreement several hours later.
    In response, City Hall released an e-mail from Bloomberg’s chief negotiator, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, to the mayor at 1 a.m., which said the parties were leaving Spitzer’s office for the night with no deal.”

    The sliminess and immaturity of Sheldon Silver is disgusting beyond belief. An assemblycritter through and through.

  • mikes

    My fav quote is at the end of the NYTimes article –

    “I just don’t think they hold the legislative process in high regard anyway,” Mr. Brodsky said. “They see it as an obstacle to getting things done.”


Congestion Pricing: Bloomberg Needs to Sweeten the Deal

Webster Avenue and Fordham Road, the Bronx Congestion pricing is in trouble. With just weeks to go before the Traffic Mitigation Commission makes its recommendations to the City Council and State Legislature, public support is waning and opponents appear to have the upper hand. The one sales pitch that scored high in public opinion polls, […]

Congestion Pricing: What’s the Deal?

Nobody knows whether the convoluted and difficult congestion pricing "deal" reached by political leaders yesterday will actually result in anything. The deal is complex even by Albany standards. A few things, however, are clear: Mayor Bloomberg does not have a "green light" to move forward with congestion pricing, nor has he been granted any new […]

Kheel to Push Free Transit Pricing Plan in ’09 Mayoral Race

As former deputy mayor and Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission Chair Marc Shaw predicts that congestion pricing may re-emerge soon in the form a proposal to toll 60th Street and the East River bridges, the Daily Politics reports that Ted Kheel is planning to put up $1 million to promote his free transit plan heading into […]

US DOT Gives NYC $354 Million for Congestion Pricing Plan

Sewell Chan at City Room has this morning’s news. Here are some excerpts from his report: The secretary of transportation announced this morning that the federal government will provide New York City with $354 million to implement congestion pricing in New York City, if the State Legislature acts by March 2008 to put in effect […]

Today’s Headlines

U-Turn: Albany and Mayor on the Brink of a Congestion Pricing Deal (News, Sun) At Long Last, a (Watered Down) Pricing Deal? (Daily Politics) DOT Applies Its Signature Green Paint to DUMBO Plaza (Brownstoner) Community-Based Traffic Calming & Mural for Deadly 3rd Ave. (Gowanus Lounge) Old Martha’s Vineyard Ferry Will Serve Governor’s Island (Sun) Big […]

Today’s Headlines

Congestion Pricing: Silver is Talking, at Least (News, Daily Politics) Deadline on Federal Pricing Grant is Firm (NYT) Spitzer Ties Assembly Salary Increase to Pricing Approval (Sun) Brodsky and Lancman Proposals Won’t Get the Job Done (RPA) NJ NIMBY’s Tilt Against Neighbor’s Windmills (NYT) Congestion Pricing: Still Good for the Middle Class (Albany Project) Congestion […]