Today’s Headlines

  • Fingers Point as Traffic Plan Runs Aground (NYT)
  • Congestion Pricing Still Alive, Barely (News)
  • Resigned Mayor Turns His Eye to New Issues (Sun
  • Mayor Blames Albany Inaction for Traffic Plan Gridlock (NY1)
  • 30+ Years of Trying, Still the Politics of Pricing is Impossible (Streetsblog)
  • Sewell Chan has Yesterday’s Blow-by-Blow (City Room
  • Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith Defends Intransigence (Daily Politics
  • Supposed Defender of Mom & Pop Business Gloats Over Plan’s Demise (Lipsky
  • Brodsky Trashing Congestion Pricing on Brian Lehrer… Again (WNYC
  • Revolving Door: Consultants Work for Developer and the ESDC (AY Report
  • Study Recommends Overhaul for Empire State Development Corp (Sun)
  • Road Raging Driver Murders Young Cyclist (
  • Six Years Later: Dick Cheney’s Energy Taskforce Revealed (Wash Post)
  • nobody

    Forget Lipsky, he has no legitimacy, and no integrity. He does not represent small business.

  • Niban

    “Silver said he thought a deal had been reached at 2 a.m. yesterday. A source close to the speaker said the mayor nixed the handshake agreement several hours later.
    In response, City Hall released an e-mail from Bloomberg’s chief negotiator, Deputy Mayor Kevin Sheekey, to the mayor at 1 a.m., which said the parties were leaving Spitzer’s office for the night with no deal.”

    The sliminess and immaturity of Sheldon Silver is disgusting beyond belief. An assemblycritter through and through.

  • mikes

    My fav quote is at the end of the NYTimes article –

    “I just don’t think they hold the legislative process in high regard anyway,” Mr. Brodsky said. “They see it as an obstacle to getting things done.”


Congestion Pricing: Bloomberg Needs to Sweeten the Deal

Webster Avenue and Fordham Road, the Bronx Congestion pricing is in trouble. With just weeks to go before the Traffic Mitigation Commission makes its recommendations to the City Council and State Legislature, public support is waning and opponents appear to have the upper hand. The one sales pitch that scored high in public opinion polls, […]

Bloomberg Stadium Foes Urge Silver to Support Pricing

Then: "Honk No" to Mayor Bloomberg’s plan. Now: Stop honking and pay $8. Bloomberg’s West Side stadium foes are now his congestion pricing friends. Manhattan Community Boards 4, 5 and 6 are holding a joint public hearing on the PlaNYC congestion pricing proposal tonight at 6:00pm. In an interesting twist of politics, the West Side […]

Congestion Pricing: What’s the Deal?

Nobody knows whether the convoluted and difficult congestion pricing "deal" reached by political leaders yesterday will actually result in anything. The deal is complex even by Albany standards. A few things, however, are clear: Mayor Bloomberg does not have a "green light" to move forward with congestion pricing, nor has he been granted any new […]

Today’s Headlines

Study Paints Dire Picture of Warmer Northeast (NYT) Silver Isn’t Calling Back the Assembly to Vote on Congestion Pricing (City Room) Mayor Returns from CEO Pow Wow, Goes to Albany Anyway (NYT, Daily Politics) Deal to Create Pricing Commission Seems to be the Last Hope (Sun) Congestion Pricing Foe Endorses Bloomberg for President (Observer) "Historic" […]

MTA Chief Links Congestion Pricing to Fare Hike… or Not

MTA Chief Lee Sander told CBS reporter Marcia Kramer on Wednesday that the passage of Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing pilot project may help stave off a fare hike. "The straphanger in my judgment will have to play a role, but if Wall Street turns around and congestion pricing is passed then maybe we can give […]

Bloomberg Says What You’re Thinking

Perhaps getting tired of seeing his PlaNYC centerpiece attacked by lawmakers from outside the city, Mayor Bloomberg had some frank remarks for congestion pricing critic Assemblyman Richard Brodsky on the radio today. The Daily Politics reports: On his weekly radio show this morning, Mayor Bloomberg took a swipe at Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, the Westchester Democrat […]