Today’s Headlines

  • Critical Mass Lives — Underground (BikeBlog)
  • City Air Quality Worsens (Post)
  • Advance Praise for Sadik-Khan (Wonkster)
  • Council Members Want Transit Improvements (Post)
  • PlaNYC Coverage Sparks ‘Sustainability Watch’ (Gotham Gazette)
  • U.S. Refuses to Pay London Congestion Charge (Post)
  • Atlantic Yards Demo Suspended Amid Calls for More Oversight (AYR)
  • 13-Year-Old Cyclist Killed by Hit-and-Run SUV Driver (NYT, Post, Newsday)
  • Brooklyn Pedestrian Pinned to Building, Killed, No Charges Filed (Daily News)
  • NYPD Using Empty Cruisers to Slow Speeders (Daily News)
  • Water Taxi Service Looks to Expand (Brooklyn Eagle)
  • Brooklyn Bridge Would Fare Better with Private Owner (Sun)
  • Carbon-Offsets Panned as Consumerist Gimmick (NYT)
  • Eric

    The New York Times report of Anthony Cansino’s hit-and-run killing contained the following passage:

    “When they reached Central Avenue [at Palmetto Street], Ricky was the first to cross the intersection, which has NO TRAFFIC LIGHT, STOP SIGN OR CROSSWALK.”

    Surely the hit-and-run driver bears full responsibility given the description of what happened, but DOT and local representatives must share some blame. Can anyone imagine an intersection without some form of traffic control in Park Slope, the Upper East Side, Forest Hills? I don’t think so.

    One other thought. The lessen for reckless drivers is don’t ever flee the scene of your crime. If you just stay on the scene, you’ll get a $75 ticket for some sort of moving violation, and soon be on your way while the person you just mowed down is taken off to the morgue. It’s only when you run that you get painted as a miscreant.

  • Eric

    Sorry, the 13-year-old boy killed was Anthony Delgado. Cansino is his mother’s surname.

  • Actually, if you stay on the scene and show remorse and you’re not drunk and your vehicle is in good working order, there’s a good chance that you won’t even get a summons. The cops often seem to identify more with the drivers of these vehicles than the kids who get crushed by them.

  • Sarah Goodyear

    This fatality, as well as the one in Brooklyn that happened at an intersection with a malfunctioning traffic light, highlight the need for NYC DOT to step up and play an active role in preventing ped deaths.

    One can hope that when Commish-to-Be Sadik-Khan talks about safety as a top priority, she’s talking in part about proper maintenance of lights as well as appropriate traffic control at all intersections.

  • Nicolo Machiavelli

    Is there going to be a ghost bike for this kid?

  • What do they mean: “Brooklyn Bridge Would Fare Better with Private Owner”?

    It already is privately owned. Someone sold it to me last time I was in NY.

  • JF

    If John Liu wants transit improvements, he should say which ones he wants. Apparently eliminating the two-fare zone and the millions of dollars that the MTA has spent on buses since the private bus line takeover is not enough.

    If he’s serious about requiring transit improvements as a precondition for congestion pricing, he should be specific about what those preconditions are. It would take 10-15 years and billions of dollars for the city to build enough subways to allow everyone in the city a 30-minute ride to Manhattan. Maybe it should be done, but holding up congestion pricing with unattainable goals is dishonest.

  • Nicolo Macchiavelli

    How long will it take congestion pricing as proposed by Bloomberg to pay for the city and state funding reductions to the MTA Capital Plan inherited from the Giuliani-Pataki era?

  • nicolo — of course there will be a ghost bike installed for anthony delgado.

    hopefully the next brooklyn critical mass can visit the site and dedicate the memorial.


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