Streetfilms: On-Street Bicycle Parking, Portland

Following the news about the new sidewalk extensions and bike racks being installed in place of car parking space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Clarence Eckerson of Streetfilms sends along this short video looking at on-street bicycle parking in Portland, Oregon, that cyclists’ Shangri-La. As Greg Raisman from Portland DOT says, "After we put it in, it was so successful that businesses two blocks away unanimously asked for another one…"

On-Street Bike Parking in Portland, Oregon
Running time: 34 seconds
Streetfilms by Clarence Eckerson

And here are some photos of on-street bike parking in other cities:

  • ddartley

    Tears of joy.

  • Clarence

    This is a short snippet from a half hour film I did this fall on Portland, OR working with their DOT. You’ve probably seen some of the other great segments up here on Streetsblog before. If you missed, just go here and find the others…

    Last I heard, there are more similar bike parking areas going up in Portland.

  • One of the things I love about this video (and there is much to love): the use of curbing to effectuate traffic control.

    Cheap, quick, effective.

    I wrote about it here.

  • Clarence, do you know how much this cost to install?

    So, to do the math: 13 racks can hold at least 26 bikes, so we’re talking roughly 30 bike parking spots per 1.5 car parking spaces. That’s 20 bike spots per every car spot, conservatively speaking. Not bad.

  • Not sure how much it cost, but I’ll bet cheap in comparison to fill in with concrete.

    I asked Greg R. from PDOT to chime in if he has a moment. Hopefully he can answer the expense question.

  • Greg Raisman

    I’m on vacation, so this will be quick.

    The one in the video cost about $4000. It used curbing made from recycled tires that are a little more expensive than conventional curbing.

    I think the smaller one that just went in two blocks away from the one in the video cost less than $2000. It will likely receive some retrofitting that will cost some. It does not have the reflective plastic bollards or reflectors on the curbing. did a nice write up about it when it was installed and this internet connection is too slow to find the link for you now.

    Hope that helps.

    Greg Raisman
    Community and School Traffic Safety Partnership
    Portland Office of Transportation

  • Thanks Greg,

    That’s great to know. Amazing how much benefit you can add for so little money. Even at $4000 it’s way less than the cost of pouring new sidewalks, and faster too. Great stuff.

  • Greg Raisman

    On street bicycle parking is a suppliment to sidewalks. Alone, they provide way less benefit and require special arrangements with adjacent properties to maintain because street sweepers can not get into them. I certainly would not advocate this treatment as a replacement for sidewalks.

    Greg Raisman
    Community and School Traffic Safety Partnership
    Portland Office of Transportation

  • Linda

    Good stuff. Keep it coming.