Tuesday’s Headlines: Where’s Bill Edition


I got into the business when Ed Koch was still mayor. Then I covered little bits of the Dinkins, Giuliani and Bloomberg administrations. All of those guys, in their own way, hated the press. But at least they took questions from reporters every single day. So I’m just going on notice that the next time Mayor de Blasio decides to hold a press avail — which isn’t today, by the way — I’m coming with a full notepad and lots of memos I’ve been writing on cocktail napkins for at least a week. One of them says, “Dyckman.” One of them says, “Morris Park Avenue.” One of them says, “Queens Boulevard.” Another says, “Marty Golden.” And there’s another I can’t really read, but it may simply be a reminder not to forget my mother’s birthday.

Here’s the news:

  • I have to say I was a bit confused by the headline on NPR’s story about scooters, “As E-Scooters Roll Into American Cities, So Do Safety Concerns.” You guys do understand that car drivers killed more than 37,000 people last year, right? Kinda puts the “scooter threat” in perspective a bit, dontcha think?
  • The Bike Snob goes after the Spandex set in his latest column. (Outside)
  • MTA announces a “haunted subway” for Halloween. What could go wrong? (Gothamist, amNY)
  • OK, so maybe I was a bit harsh on Senator Chuck Schumer yesterday, calling him out for not doing enough to fight Donald Trump’s right-wing assault on the judiciary, so today I want to thank our senior senator for his work on getting us some more legroom on airplanes.
  • Mayor de Blasio confirms that he’s going with the “Promen-nada!” plan for the BQE repairs. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Car2Go comes to Queens — and naturally residents are concerned about what they consider their parking spaces. (QNS)
  • Some great car mayhem shots from the great Paul Martinka. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • If you see lots of bus shelters blocked off this week, it’s because one fell apart in Staten Island and JCDecaux is doing the “abundance of caution” thing. (Patch, amNYWSJ)
  • City DOT unveils a “left turn calming” program on Staten Island. Cue the locals who fail to react calmly to it (though Beep Jimmy Oddo likes it!). (Staten Island Advance)
  • Some Williamsburgers are calling for the reopening of the old Hope Street underpass under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which was closed in the 1990s because it was gross and everyone hated it. (Bklyner)
  • And, finally, wait, what?! Um, we have to do better, New York. This is an embarrassment. (NY Times)

Monday’s Headlines: Lots of Stuff Going on Tonight Edition


Tell Sir Bob Geldof to stuff it — I love Mondays. Why? Because that’s when most of the great community meetings are happening. Tonight, Streetsblog will have two great reporters — David Meyer and Laura Shepard — covering community meetings about Northern Boulevard in Queens and Amsterdam Avenue in upper Manhattan. Meanwhile, StreetsPAC is having a fundraiser for State Senator Marty Golden’s opponent, Andrew Gounardes.

And here’s today’s news:

  • I was sad to hear about the death of legendary New Yorker, Cy Adler, who did more for basic walking than almost anyone — and he was a friend to journalists, like a very young Gersh Kuntzman in the 1980s. In the words of Daily News editorial writer Michael Aronson, Adler was “a real New York character, who did lots of good for lots of people.” (NYDN)
  • In an op-ed column, New York treasure Harry Siegel was in full hot take mode against our elected officials in Albany — singling out State Senator Marty “It Was An Accident!” Golden for running down a woman and blaming her for it. (NYDN). Meanwhile, Golden’s Democratic challenger Andrew Gounardes drew raves from street safety advocates for this interview with the Light at the End of the Tunnel podcast.
  • Really? Chuck Schumer did a “Sunday Schumer” on stretch limo safety? Really? Doesn’t the most powerful Senate Democrat have better things to do … like stop being a rubber stamp for President Trump’s judges? (NY Post, amNY)
  • The Daily News wooded with its story about rail workers finding bits of track along the A,C line — but then buried Dan Rivoli’s piece way down on the website. (NYDN)
  • Our friends at Chekpeds (and, full disclosure, Streetsblog board member Christine Berthet) turned a parking lot sidewalk into a gorgeous public space. (NY Yimby)
  • Council Members Jumaane Williams and Chaim Deutsch are still blaming about everything except cars for congestion on Kings Highway. (Bklyner)
  • ICYMI: Fast Company joined the many outlets expressing concern that driverless cars have a downside (ya think?).
  • Anti-bike and anti-transit residents of Riverdale are still complaining about safety improvements. (Riverdale Press)


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