Thursday’s Headlines: Driving Us Crazy Edition


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Now, the news:

  • The Times’s latest report on global warming specifically blames a chief offender: drivers.
  • Want to save the subway? Pot to the rescue! (NY Post, NYT)
  • So much for learning about a clean undercarriage on the dirty underground. (NYDN)
  • Twitter suspends an MTA parody account for, apparently, being too accurate. (NYDN)
  • New Jersey transit riders will get their own mini L-pocalypse. (NYDN, WSJ, NY Post)
  • The Times says Bleecker Street is doing great. Remind those pro-parking people in Queens that there’s no parking along a long stretch of Bleecker most of the day. People shop by bike and foot, you know.
  • An eloquent Families for Safe Streets member won a settlement in his case. (NY Post)
  • And finally, the gang that couldn’t shoot straight has found work in Coney Island (NY Post)

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Wednesday’s Headlines: No USPS in Bike Lanes Today Edition


SB Donation NYC header 2Today’s national day of mourning for George Herbert Walker Bush has an added side benefit: The United States Postal Service says it will not deliver mail on Wednesday to honor the 41st President, father of the 43rd President, World War II hero, former CIA director, sock aficionado, former Vice President and, lest we forget, really good (and sort of ironic) friend of Bill Clinton.

No mail means no USPS trucks in bike lanes or illegally parked in the roadways. Talk about a point of light! Our editor vows to celebrate by riding up and down Vanderbilt Avenue, safe in the knowledge that his way will only be blocked by FedEx, UPS and Fresh Direct today. (Small victories!)

And now, the news:

  • So the Taxi and Limousine Commission set a minimum wage for drivers at $17.22 per hour on Tuesday, but insiders say the wage formula and other rules may end up driving smaller outlets like Juno out of business while benefiting Uber and hurting outer-borough customers (who should have better transit service so they wouldn’t use cars in the first place!). (amNY) One TLC commissioner wanted the wage to be even higher. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • You heard it here (sort of) first: New York Magazine is the latest outlet to say Uber is a big bubble that’s going to pop.
  • Remember those reports of signal problems with the brand new signals on the 7 line? Yeah, well it’s still happening. (amNY)
  • NYC Transit President Andy Byford testified at City Hall that he deserves $40 billion for his “Fast Forward” plan — only a tiny portion of which would come from the city. (NYDN)
  • The MTA is blaming Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance for an uptick in fare evasion — but at the same time admits the worst fare evasion is in the Bronx and Staten Island, which, inconveniently, do not have Cy Vance as DA. (Gothamist) The Times offered this explainer
  • Meanwhile, Nicole Gelinas in the Post doesn’t give the MTA a break (in other words, good work, Nicole!).
  • Now former DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is in Delhi talking about roads (though we’d rather be in Rhodes talking about deli). (Hindustan Times)
  • And, finally, our tweet of the day is from HuffPo’s Andy Campbell, who made fun of our editor for his question at Tuesday’s mayoral press conference:

Tuesday’s Headlines: Why Don’t MTA Board Members Use the MTA Edition


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Yes, it’s going to get tiring, but Streetsblog has launched its annual December donation drive, which is what we’ll be talking about all month. Please do what you can to help keep the Streetsblog NYC team of Gersh Kuntzman and David Meyer, and Streetsblog USA reporter Angie Schmitt, fighting the livable streets battle for another year. We’ve had some great victories this year and want to keep the momentum going. So click that yellow rectangle and give if you can.

And here’s today’s non-donation-related news:

  • There was lots of coverage of the MTA board meeting on fare evasion on Monday. While amNY and the Wall Street Journal focused on what is most likely an overstated problem, the Post and the Daily News led with NYC Transit President Andy Byford’s claim that he’ll deploy MTA front office workers to block would-be turnstile jumpers (no, really). And, as always, Aaron Gordon took the whole thing down with a single tweet.
  • Also, your subway is about to become like a McDLT: Hot stays hot, cold stays cold. (NY Post, NYDN) (H/T Lawrence “Lucky” Gardner)
  • Then again, the trains were so bad on Monday that you might not care. (NY Post).
  • Monday was also a lousy day for Citi Bike, as Streetsblog’s Gersh Kuntzman reported.
  • Next time you complain about subway workers, consider this: Rats get into their workplaces! Viewer discretion advised: This is literally a rat chasing a token-booth clerk out of her post. (NY Post)
  • Queens Borough President Melinda Katz demands that Amazon help pay for Mayor de Blasio’s BQX folly, er, we mean trolley. (amNY) Meanwhile, Queens State Senator Michael Gianaris is upset at real-estate speculation near the retail giant’s new HQ2. (WSJ)
  • Politico Pro subscribers will love Dana Rubinstein’s story about Corey Johnson’s call for mayoral control of the subway — which is exactly what people call for…when they intend to be mayor.
  • This should outrage everyone, but hopefully force DOT to do something: A private bus company that was kicked out of the Port Authority for not paying its usage fees ended up getting a city permit to load its passengers on the street — worsening congestion and creating dangerous road conditions. (NY Times)
  • We often complain about FedEx trucks illegally parked in bike lanes, but we have to admit this is worst: A FedEx driver apparently struck a mourner outside a Brooklyn funeral. (Pro tip: Don’t bother tweeting @fedexhelp — the account does nothing.) (NY Post, NYDN)
  • Our editor, Gersh Kuntzman, was on the Curtis and Cosby show on WABC77 on Monday. Listen to how exhausted he gets trying to convey basic statistics to an audience of fact-free, Trump-style belligerents who say they are more afraid of bikes than cars. (Reminder: Drivers have caused all of the 145 fatalities through September). It’s a short segment that speaks volumes about real fear vs. manufactured fear. (WABC77)
  • And, finally, our Streetfilms pal Clarence Eckerson Jr. put together a montage of how much better the city looks, thanks to protected bike lanes. Enjoy his video here or below:
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