Tuesday’s Headlines: Heed Hizzoner’s Call Edition

Mayor Adams is asking New Yorkers to give. Please do. Photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office
Mayor Adams is asking New Yorkers to give. Please do. Photo: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

It was a busy day for the big dailies, with a full slate of stories on Sunday’s devastating fire in The Bronx, so we’ll get to the most important piece of that story: Mayor Adams has called upon New Yorkers to aid the victims, so you should do what we did and click here to make a donation via the Mayor’s Fund site.

Every little bit helps.

Now to the transportation-related news:

  • David Zipper asks the question we are always asking: Why aren’t there cameras on every bus to spit out tickets to jerks who block the bus lane? (Bloomberg)
  • Clayton Guse of the Daily Newsuh gave us all flashbacks when he spotted cars parked on the plaza at City Hall — an echo of how then-Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams treated the public sidewalk at Borough Hall. One tiny caveat? The sidewalks and driveway of City Hall are off-limits to the public and were long ago surrendered to pols and pol-adjacent staffers who should be taking the subway or biking to work.

  • A moped rider was critically injured when he was run down by a hit-and-run driver on the FDR Drive. (NY Post)
  • A big apology is due to Council Member Gale Brewer, who did invite us to her Sunday presser on the growing danger of online grocery companies’ non-retail “dark sites” that are proliferating. Turns out, her email address changed to district6@council.nyc.gov, and we had told Google to star all emails from the old address, gbrewer@council.nyc.gov. Well, now we know!
  • In case you missed it, Ginia Bellafante mentioned Streetsblog’s Dave Colon in her “Mayor of Swagger” piece on Sunday. (NY Times)
  • Sad news for anyone who grew up in Westchester in the 1970s. (NY Times)
  • And finally, every day Tesla? Give us a fucking break:


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