July the Fifth Be With You


We’re going to take today off, but we won’t leave you without a few things to read. So in case you missed these stories, click away:

  • On Friday, Mayor de Blasio admitted he needed to do more to keep cyclists save in, through and around Central Park.
  • The nation’s e-bike buying spree continues, even without any real support from our government, as Kea Wilson reported.
  • Two New Jersey members of Congress explained their opposition to congestion pricing because they want to make sure their well-off constituents can always drive in to see Springsteen on Broadway.
  • Read about the life of Jeffrey Williamson, the cyclist killed by a postal truck driver last week.

We’ll be back tomorrow. Thanks for your support.


Wolfson: Sponsor of Mandatory Helmet Bill Is No Friend of Cyclists

In case you missed it yesterday, City Council Member David Greenfield was bombarded in the Twitterverse after the Wall Street Journal reported that he plans to introduce a mandatory bike helmet law. (Streetsblog joined the fray with enthusiasm.) City Hall is also having none of it. Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson shot down the helmet law […]