Thursday’s Headlines: Snow? Problem Edition

The paths leading to the Kosciuszko Bridge in Queens still has snow from Feb. 2.
The paths leading to the Kosciuszko Bridge in Queens still has snow from Feb. 2.

Just in time for a fresh coating of snow … the old snow from the Feb. 2 blizzard!

We’ve documented how slowly city agencies have cleared snow from critical bike infrastructure, but late yesterday we encountered remnants of two-week-old snow and ice on the paths leading to the Kosciuszko Bridge in Queens (which agency is supposed to clear it? Well, that’s not clear: the Department of Transportation didn’t get back to us).

So today’s expected storm will bring a fresh cycle of pain (we’ll keep you posted during the day), but let’s get right to the news because we’re all so crazybusy today:

  • Read this story about how Gov. Cuomo is certainly not getting a fourth term — and may not survive this third. (NY Times) That story led to more revelations in the nursing home scandal that is starting to consume the Cuomo administration, including that the FBI is probing the governor and Albany pols want to strip him of his special pandemic powers. (NY Times)
  • Like the Times, everyone is covering Cuomo’s threat against Assemblyman Ron Kim, but Gothamist provided a nice overview.
  • It’s getting so bad that several members of the Assembly even want to strip Cuomo of his undeserved Emmy for his daily briefings. (Well, perhaps the Emmy was for comedy?) (WHAM13)
  • The driver who killed little Bertin Dejesus in Harlem in late 2019 has been charged with the very serious counts of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide, a rarety. (NYDN, NY Post)
  • Hat tip to the Post for continuing to provide at least a tiny bit of counter-balance to the “cops, cops and more cops” argument we keep hearing regarding subway crime. Yesterday, the Tabloid of Record berated Mayor de Blasio on how the alleged A-train killer, who has his own mental illness and homelessness issues, fell through the city’s cracks. (To be clear, the paper isn’t exactly turning progressive — it still refers to Rigoberto Lopez as the “A-Train Ripper.” (NY Post)
  • Bridge tolls are likely going to be raised today (yay!). (amNY)
  • Ugh — here’s a cop trying to do the right thing about road safety, but can’t even get out of his own way! (NY Post)
  • Finally, sad news in Metville (ok, not really): Tim Tebow has retired. (amNY)

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