Monday’s Headlines: All Aboard the Transit Bailout Edition

There's Chuck Schumer on the subway!
There's Chuck Schumer on the subway!
It's our December donation drive. Your gift helps us do these kinds of important stories. So please click here.
It’s our December donation drive. Your gift helps us do these kinds of important stories. So please click here.

The big news — the only news — on Sunday was that Congress had finally passed a COVID relief bill that had flaws, but also $4 billion to get the MTA through the next few months and avoid the draconian layoffs and service cuts that would have turned the New York region from an economic engine into a broken down jalopy.

Everyone covered:

  • The Daily News and the Post provided a broad overview that was thin on transit news. But the Tabloid of Record did cover the massive protest against a fare hike earlier on Sunday.
  • The Times overview was comprehensive.
  • And amNY added a sidebar about how AOC is nervous about the deal.

Of course there was other news on Sunday (we had done earlier weekend headlines here):

  • It was gratifying to read the Post’s team coverage of what a lousy job the city did making the roadways safe for cyclists after last week’s routine winter storm — especially since we had been sounding the alarm since Thursday (an alarm The NY Times slept through).
  • Gothamist also covered the sleetshow.
  • A driver was killed when he crashed his car into a garbage truck. (NYDN)
  • The Wall Street Journal joined the mourning party over the increase in road deaths this year.
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