Tuesday’s Headlines: More Carnage, Etc. Edition

A ghost bike. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman
A ghost bike. Photo: Gersh Kuntzman

Holidays may make for slow news days, but road violence never rests: Capping off a bloody weekend for cyclists, a Brooklyn prosecutor was struck and killed by a tour bus while biking in Williamsburg early on Monday (Streetsblog, NYDN, NYPost).

In other news yesterday:

  • COVID made for fairly empty streets on J’Ouvert (Gothamist). Still, five people got shot at local celebrations (NYTimes).
  • The Tabloid of Record offered a thumbsucker on how COVID has changed traffic patterns (NYPost).
  • LIRR chief Phillip Eng penned an opinion piece with a now-familiar plea to the feds: Send cash now! (amNY).
  • An investigation of mask-compliance on 15 bus routes found that a quarter of passengers rode bare-faced (TheCity).
  • ICYMI: City and State rounded up some notable recent incidents of police brutality in New York.
  • The city’s Law Department and Department of Investigation missed the Aug. 31 deadline for filing their report on the NYPD’s misconduct during the recent Black Lives Matter protests (GothamGazette).
  • More on police misconduct: Local legislators are training their sights on the doctrine of qualified immunity for officers (GothamGazette).