Wednesday’s Headlines: Slow Rolling Disaster Edition

It's from "Deadpool."
It's from "Deadpool."

The death toll passed 1,000 in the city yesterday, the Post reported, making a sad mockery of Gov. Cuomo’s favorite phrase, our ever-upward state motto.

But there’s two things we’ll keep fighting for over here: finding six feet of space to distance ourselves from the rest of you (sorry not sorry) and working for a more livable, better city when this is all over.

We think this tweet said it best, inspired by Friend of Streetsblog Doug Gordon:

Here’s the rest of the news from a grim, but slow, Tuesday:

  • Man, the MTA is really spinning its poor pandemic planning, shifting the blame to the federal government in general — and the CDC specifically (NYDN) — even though some failures were easily predictable (The City).
  • Mayor de Blasio will finally close a few playgrounds, but not nearly enough. (NY Post)
  • MTA CEO Pat Foye really gave a bad answer on subway homelessness yesterday: it’s an illusion! (NY Post) He also suggested he doesn’t know how to figure out when the trains will be crowded (amNY).
  • In case you missed it, Julianne Cuba’s story about the Case of the Disappearing Second Avenue Bike Lane was updated late yesterday with the mystery solved. (Streetsblog)


An engineering marvel.

Friday’s Headlines: Tax the Rich Edition

Our hats are off to protesters who caused a heck of a traffic jam by putting a house (OK, not a full house, but a one-room shack) on Third Avenue to demand that Gov. Cuomo tax the wealthiest. Plus all the other news, including the death of the World Trade Center engineer.