Thursday’s Headlines: ‘Pedestrians Deserve to Die’ Edition

Does this pedestrian deserve to die? Photo: Daily News
Does this pedestrian deserve to die? Photo: Daily News

Yep, it was your regular night at your regular pro-car Queens community meeting — regular in that Kim Ohanian, who sits on Community Board 7 thanks to Borough President Melinda Katz, lambasted Vision Zero as a “total joke” and said that “pedestrians deserve to get run over” and die in the most gruesome of fashions if they have the temerity to be talking on their cellphones while crossing a street.

The clip and full video of the May meeting was unearthed and posted by Twitter legend Diedrich vanVlissingen, the anonymous gadfly who has exposed the racial and transportation biases of Queens’s most unrepresentative representative boards.

Will Katz call for Ohanian to resign? Will she fire her? We’ll be asking those questions today.

In the meantime, here’s the news from a slow, hot day:

  • MTA layoffs are coming (NYDN, WSJ, amNY), but they won’t be enough (NY Post)
  • A motorcyclist is dead in Canarsie. (Bklyner)
  • Bklyner’s Sam Raskin also took a similar second-day angle on Citi Bike as Streetsblog (though our headline was more aggressive).
  • Are you using the Reported app to hold cabbies and other drivers accountable? You must — all the cool kids are. (Reported via Twitter)
  • And, finally, the New Yorker thinks it’s so droll. But this is our life you’re turning into cheap cover art and gifs.


  • Larry Littlefield

    So, the MTA is already having layoffs before a recession begins, despite record employment and a decade of fare increases in excess of (unusually low) inflation.

    The question is, why?

    What was the change in MTA funding, operating and capital, under the last city and state budget?

    Were the excess proceeds of another real estate investment bubble blown short term, again?

    How has average MTA compensation changed relative to the income of city and state residents, and how much of that is money for the retired? Is it anything like the schools?

    Why was insider Patrick Foyle parachuted in? To keep things quiet as the sheep get sheared? Somehow the consultant report doesn’t address the issues above.

    If the money is gone, we are facing huge reductions in service that has never recovered from the prior reductions in service. We can at least demand that they fess up, instead of trying to spread or hide the blame.

  • Daphna

    Does Kim Ohanian remain a political appointee to Queens Community Board 7 ? Queens Borough President Melinda Katz needs to rescind her appointment of Kim Ohanian to Queen CB7 asap. Community Board members are tasked with making decisions that benefit their community; when someone has an extreme bias against a certain class of community residents (those who walk), and feels free to voice her dismissive attitude towards her vulnerable community pedestrians (such as Kim Ohanian did), action needs to be taken to show that this is unacceptable.


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